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    Mycotherapy is a natural alternative and complementary medicine that uses the medicinal virtues of mushrooms to heal oneself. It is still unknown to the general public and yet, dear naturopath-reader, it is a wonderful added value for health.

    A medicine that has crossed the centuries

    This practice is not new because it probably goes back thousands of years with its presence in traditional Chinese medicine. It began to arrive in Europe in 1997 with the German doctor Jan Ivan Lelley who described it as "the science of using mushrooms for medicinal purposes".
    Today, mycotherapy is present in the huge market of food supplements.


    A science that tends to be recognized

    Polysaccharides, glycosamides, terpenes,... Many active principles present in mushrooms are scientifically recognized as having medicinal virtues. More and more scientific studies are proving the medicinal effectiveness of mushrooms. The therapeutic potential is promising, especially in cancerology with the action of stimulation of the immune system.

    Mycotherapy, medicine for mankind

    Fighting infections and high blood pressure, limiting excess cholesterol and sugar in the blood, protecting the kidneys and liver,... Numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of mycotherapy in treating a wide variety of disorders.

    How to explain the medicinal virtues of mushrooms?

    A large part of the medicinal virtues of mushrooms can be explained by beta-glucans. These are molecules similar to a chain of several sugars glued together along their length.

    Beta-glucans, the champion's meal

    Once ingested during a meal, the molecules and nutrients (including beta-glucans) are absorbed by our intestine. They are then found in small quantities in the blood, which stimulates the immune system and acts on the various metabolisms.

    Beta-glucans, the coach of the immune system

    The immune system is the centerpiece of our defense against pathogens and allows us to stay healthy. The stimulation of the immune system by the beta-glucans thus makes it possible to destroy more easily the microbes (bacteria, virus, parasite,..) but also against the cancerous cells.

    Beta-glucans, a hope to fight oxidative stress

    In addition to stimulating the immune system, beta-glucans act as an anti-oxidant by protecting cells against free radicals, which are very toxic for our body. They are responsible for the oxidative stress that greatly accelerates the aging of our body.

    Beta-glucans, the ally of cardiovascular health

    Beta-glucans are multi-tasking:

    - They decrease the absorption and increase the elimination of fats, which limits the excess of lipids and cholesterol in the blood.

    - They decrease the glycemic peak, which limits the excess of sugar in the blood.

    - Too high or too low, beta-glucans normalize blood pressure.

    The potential of beta-glucans is promising in the strategy of cardiovascular risk reduction.


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