Maitake : the mushroom of longevity

Joaquim A | 01 June 2022
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Maitake :  the mushroom of longevity

    How to recognize the Maitake ?

    Maitake is also known as Grifola frondosa, Wood Hen and Tufted Polypore.

    It looks like coral and is very easy to recognize with its many brown fans that are organized in clumps. It is edible but only when it is young. As it ages it hardens and becomes impossible to eat.

    Maitake grows on the dead trunks of oak, ash and chestnut trees. It is easily found in the temperate forests of Europe in summer and autumn.

    What are the traditional uses of this mushroom ?

    In Japanese, the word "Maitake" comes from "Mai" : dance and "take" : mushroom. This expression comes from the legend that the gatherers danced with joy when they found the mushroom in the forest, because the mushroom was precious and its consumption allowed to prolong life. In Asia, Maitake is called "the king of mushrooms".

    What are the medicinal properties of Maitake ?

    Maitake has many medicinal properties :

    • stimulates the immune system;
    • protects the liver;
    • helps to normalize blood pressure;
    • improves fertility in women;
    • helps normalize the level of fat in the blood.

    What precautions should I take before using Maitake ?

    It is not recommended to use this mushroom with :

    • Diabetes medication;
    • High blood pressure medication;
    • cholesterol medications.

    This mushroom should not be used :

    • in pregnant women;
    • in breast-feeding women.
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