Red yeast rice : Lower your cholesterol naturally

Joaquim A | 12 May 2022
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Red yeast rice :  Lower your cholesterol naturally

    How do we recognize this mushroom ?

    The red yeast of rice is also known under the Latin name of Monascus purpureus.

    It is identifiable by :

    • its size : this mushroom is one of the smallest. Microscopic, it is invisible to the naked eye;
    • its appearance : under the microscope, Monascus purpureus has a red color;
    • its growth medium : this fungus only grows on white rice.

    The red yeast of rice is edible.

    What are the properties and medicinal virtues of red yeast rice ?

    Red yeast rice has a notable medicinal virtue :

    • it helps to normalize the cholesterol level in the blood

    What are the precautions to take before using this mushroom ?

    In spite of a respectful use and in conformity with the prescription, it is possible to feel certain unwanted effects :

    • violent muscular pains;
    • a disturbance of the functioning of the liver;
    • a deterioration of the liver.

    It is strongly advised against using Red Yeast Rice with :

    • the consumption of grapefruit;
    • Consumption of alcohol;
    • renal insufficiency;
    • liver insufficiency;
    • an already present attack of the muscles;
    • hypothyroidism (slowing of the thyroid gland);
    • statin drugs.

    Monascus purpureus should not be used if :

    • pregnant or breast-feeding woman;
    • elderly person;
    • children under 18 years old.
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