Lion's mane : the natural neurostimulant

Joaquim A | 15 June 2022
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Lion's mane :  the natural neurostimulant

    How do you recognize Lion's Mane ?

    Lion's Mane is also known as Hedgehog Mushroom, Hericium erinaceus, Hedgehog Hydne and Yamabushitake.

    Lion's Mane is identifiable by :

    • an overall shape reminiscent of a white mane ;
    • its way of life : it grows on the trunk of trees and particularly the trunks of dead and rotting trees;
    • a hat : white ;
    • long white filaments under the cap;
    • a foot : absent ;
    • a flesh : white. Lion's mane is a very good edible. Hericium erinaceus has an iodine taste as do shellfish, so it is recommended to eat it with toast.

    Lion's mane is easily found in the temperate forests of Europe in the summer and fall.

    What are the traditional uses of this mushroom ?

    It is one of the most mysterious and aesthetic mushrooms in mycotherapy. Its use for its medicinal virtues remains to be confirmed by more consistent scientific studies. But recently, scientific studies confirm its action on the nervous system with a virtuous activity on the functioning of the brain.

    What are the properties and medicinal virtues of Lion's Mane ?

    The Lion's Mane has unsuspected medicinal virtues :

    • stimulates the memory and the concentration;
    • helps to fight against light depression;
    • helps to fight anxiety;
    • helps protect the digestive system.

    What precautions should be taken before using this mushroom ?

    Through the various medical studies conducted on this mushroom, some surprising side effects should lead to remain vigilant on its use. Thus, it is strongly advised against using Lion's Mane with :

    • an attack of the muscles (fibromyalgia);
    • a urinary infection;
    • polycystic ovaries.
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