Oyster mushroom : the natural anti-allergic

Joaquim A | 08 June 2022
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Oyster mushroom :  the natural anti-allergic

    How do you recognize this mushroom ?

    Oyster mushroom is also known as Pleurotus ostreatus, Hiratake and Oyster mushroom.

    The Oyster Mushroom can be identified by :

    • its way of life : it grows on the trunk of trees ;
    • its organization : this mushroom grows in clumps;
    • a cap : fleshy and grey ;
    • white blades under the cap;
    • a foot : thick, firm, short or absent;
    • a flesh : white and firm. The Oyster mushroom has a flesh that is very appreciated for its iodized taste that reminds us of oysters.

    The Oyster mushroom is easily found in oak, beech, ash, maple and plane tree forests in Europe.

    What are the traditional uses of this mushroom ?

    The oyster mushroom is primarily sought after for its gustatory qualities. It is a mushroom commonly found in deciduous forests. It is much later that the medicinal virtues of this mushroom were discovered.

    What are the medicinal virtues of the Oyster mushroom ?

    The Oyster mushroom has many medicinal virtues :

    • stimulates the immune system ;
    • anti-inflammatory action of the respiratory system and skin;
    • anti-allergic action of the respiratory and cutaneous system;
    • helps normalize blood sugar levels (as part of a balanced diet).

    What are the precautions to take before using this mushroom ?

    The oyster mushroom can be responsible for allergic reactions, sometimes virulent at the level of the digestive system, the skin or the respiratory system.

    This medicinal mushroom should not be used :

    • in the pregnant woman;
    • in the nursing woman;
    • in the elderly;
    • in children.
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