Coriolus versicolor : natural immune system stimulant

Joaquim A | 25 May 2022
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Coriolus versicolor : natural immune system stimulant

    How do you recognize this fungus ?

    Coriolus versicolor is also known as Polypore versicolor, Trametes versicolor, Kawaratake and Yun zhi.

    Coriolus versicolor can be identified by :

    • its way of life : it grows on the trunk of trees ;
    • its organization : this fungus forms small tight and interlocking fans
    • a cap : flat, thin, of variable color red to orange, clear and dark concentric zones;
    • round, narrow and white holes under the cap;
    • a foot : long and brown ;
    • a flesh : white, coriaceous. Coriolus versicolor has flesh that is too tough and leathery to eat.

    Coriolus versicolor is easily found in the temperate forests of Western Europe, Asia and North America.

    What are the traditional uses of this mushroom ?

    It is one of the most mysterious mushrooms in mycotherapy. Its use for its medicinal properties is not well documented. It is assumed that this mushroom has been used since the Middle Ages in European and Asian countries, but its unexplained appearance on tree trunks caused fear and mistrust.

    What are the medicinal properties and virtues of Coriolus versicolor ?

    Coriolus versicolor has an essential medicinal virtue : the stimulation of the immune system. This action is possible by its composition rich in molecules which stimulate the immune system and makes it stronger : the betaglucans, the PSK and the PSP. These last 2 molecules are currently the subject of scientific research in the fight against cancer.

    What precautions should I take before using Trametes versicolor ?

    It is strongly advised against using Coriolus versicolor with :

    • immune system disease;
    • a disease of the spinal cord.

    This mushroom should not be used if :

    • blood thinning medications are already being used;
    • surgery is recent or imminent.
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