Red patches on the face : how to get rid of them quickly ?

Chloé M | 17 March 2022
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Red patches on the face :  how to get rid of them quickly ?

    What are red patches on the face ?

    Red patches on the face are a manifestation that can be found in different diseases. The most common is Rosacea (also called Couperose, Flush, Telangiectasia or Acne Rosacea).

    What is Rosacea (Couperose) ?

    Rosacea is a skin condition of the face (nose, forehead, chin, cheeks) that turns bright red. It is a permanent dilation of the small superficial capillaries of the skin. The capillaries are then visible and cause a sensation of heat and a very unpleasant tingling.

    What are the causes ?

    The causes of the appearance of rosacea are not well known even if different elements seem to favor its appearance :

    • being a smoker ;
    • consuming alcohol or spicy food;
    • exposure to the sun with fair skin;
    • exposure to the cold in winter
    • practicing too much physical activity;
    • Staying too long in a house with too much heat;
    • having a blood circulation disorder;
    • having a hormonal disorder (the reference profile is women aged 40 or more);
    • being very emotional and anxious;
    • using cosmetic or hygiene products that attack the skin of the face.

    When should you consult a doctor ?

    Severe forms of Rosacea require medical advice. They are characterized by eye damage or the appearance of pimples or pustules on the facial skin.

    How to treat red patches with homeopathy ?

    • The reference treatment is CARBO ANIMALIS 7CH associated with LACHESIS MUTUS ;
    • If the hot flashes persist and become annoying in everyday life, it is possible to add SANGUINARIA CANADENSIS 7CH.

    To go further, see our article : "Homeopathy : When and how to take your granules ?".

    How to treat red patches with phytotherapy ?

    To stimulate venous return, it is essential to take a 3-week course of a venotonic. The essential veinotonics are :

    • Red Vine ;
    • Horse chestnut tree.

    To go further, see our article : "Phytotherapy : how to use medicinal plants ?".

    Health advice

    In prevention, to avoid or limit the appearance of red patches, you should :

    • avoid the sun or use a sun cream SPF50+ to protect the skin. The application must be made 30 minutes before exposure to the sun and it must be renewed every 2 hours;
    • Use an after-sun cream to nourish skin damaged by sun exposure. The application must be done every evening after sun exposure;
    • use a cleansing lotion to moisturize and clean the skin. The lotion has the advantage of soothing tingling and redness;
    • Avoid sudden changes in temperature (overheated house and going out in the cold);
    • avoid intense physical activity in the middle of the cold;
    • avoid consuming spices, alcohol and red wine;
    • Avoid smoking;
    • avoid using hygiene or beauty products that contain components known to be irritating (use an application designed for this purpose);
    • learn to manage stress and emotions. Naturopathandco invites you to trysophrology.
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