Homeopathy : when and how to take its granules ?

Tao L | 03 April 2022
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Homeopathy : when and how to take its granules  ?

    What are homeopathic granules and globules ?

    Granules and globules are balls of sugar or lactose that envelop the active substances. Granules are to be differentiated from globules by their slightly larger size and by the way they are taken : granules are to be preferred for repeated and daily use, whereas globules are to be reserved for a single use.

    Homeopathic globules and granules can be melted under the tongue. In a few minutes the active substances pass into the bloodstream because the skin is very thin. It is much faster and more effective than going through the digestive tract by swallowing.

    How to choose the right dilution ?

    Each remedy has the name of its active substance, followed by its degree of dilution. A tube of APIS MELLIFICA 9 CH contains a medicine made from bee venom, diluted 9 times at a scale of 1 to 100. Depending on the clinical signs or how long they have been present, the dilution is chosen :

    • 4 CH and 5 CH for local and recent symptoms ;
    • 7 CH and 9 CH for general symptoms;
    • 15 CH and 30 CH for psychic symptoms and chronic illnesses.

    How many granules should I take ?

    With conventional medicines, the quantity and frequency of taking a medicine are determined by the age and weight of the patient. In homeopathy, 1, 2 or 3 granules have the same effect on a child or an adult. The important thing is not the dose ingested but the choice of remedy and its dilution.

    When to take my granules ?

    Homeopathy is presented in the form of granules that must be placed under the tongue and sucked to act more quickly and effectively. This effectiveness is greater in a clean mouth and outside of meals.

    Can homeopathy be taken during pregnancy or breastfeeding ?

    A pregnant or nursing woman can take homeopathy without any risk. The dilutions carried out on homeopathic medicines make it possible to remove chemical and dangerous substances that are only present in trace amounts.

    Can we give homeopathy to a child ?

    Homeopathy has an undeniable benefit, unlike conventional medicines, it is free of undesirable effects. It can therefore be used by the whole family, from infants to the elderly.

    For infants, it is advisable to dilute the granules in water before giving the preparation in the bottle or to choose the preparation in drop form.

    Can I give homeopathy to an animal ?

    Dogs, cats or other animals, homeopathy has been used for more than 150 years to effectively treat our pet friends. To make it easier to take the homeopathic medicine, it is recommended to slip it into the middle of the food.

    Can I take homeopathic medicine at the same time as a conventional treatment ?

    Homeopathic medicines do not interact with other substances (alcohol, other medicines, etc.) and do not cause drowsiness, which can be dangerous when driving a vehicle.

    Thus, there are no contraindications to using a homeopathic medicine at the same time as a conventional medicine.

    How long before it is effective ?

    The length of time it takes to achieve the desired effect depends on the type of condition being treated. For acute conditions, the homeopathic medicine can make the symptoms disappear in a few hours or days. For chronic conditions, treatment with homeopathic medicines can reduce the intensity and frequency of symptoms over a longer period of time, such as a few weeks.

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