Chloé M

Chloé M

Web Editor

My story

My three years of journalism studies at University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM) allowed me to discover all the facets of the journalism profession but also to meet quality professionals who were able to share their experience and their passion with me. Their teaching gave me the right keys to be quickly operational and prepared for the difficulties of being a web editor. My internship in India allowed me to acquire an open mind and an ability to promote initiatives.

Initiative and inventiveness are necessary and indispensable qualities at a time when digital media are undergoing a major transformation. Today, everything has to be invented, we are facing an exciting challenge.
To complete my training, I spent 3 years in the United States to study journalism in the Anglo-Saxon way, then I freelanced before starting the Naturopatandco adventure.

My favorite subjects: I conduct health investigations, as much on aromatherapy, as on naturopathy and Ayuverda Indian medicine. In my free time, I decipher the veggie and health trends for babies.

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