Homeopathy : The 25 essential homeopathic granules

Chloé M | 30 March 2022
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Homeopathy : The 25 essential homeopathic granules

    Find the 25 essential homeopathic granules to respond to common problems of everyday life :

    Aconitum napellus

    Helps to treat :

    • sudden cold spells;
    • Anxiety attacks.

    Aesculus hippocastanum

    Allows to relieve :

    • hemorrhoids.

    Allium cepa

    Useful against :

    • allergies with a runny nose;
    • sneezing.

    Apis mellifica

    Very useful against :

    • edema and red swelling of the skin;
    • insect bites;
    • sunburns.

    Arnica montana

    Allows to fight against :

    • blows;
    • the shocks with hematoma;
    • muscular fatigue.

    Arsenicum album

    Effective in combating :

    • diarrhea;
    • food poisoning.


    THE leading homeopathic medicine against :

    • Hot flashes;
    • sunburns;
    • fever
    • toothache and teething problems;
    • burns of the skin and mucous membranes.

    Bryonia alba

    Used to reduce :

    • dry, painful coughs;
    • bronchitis.


    It is the reference medicine in the treatment of :

    • painful cystitis;
    • blisters and blisters caused by burning or rubbing.


    To be used in the treatment of

    • digestive spasm;
    • colic;
    • painful periods.


    It is the reference medicine to relieve :

    • dry cough.


    Effective against :

    • Eye allergies (red, burning, swollen);
    • hay fever.

    Ferrum phophoricum

    Helps to treat :

    • small inflammations;
    • irritation cough;
    • fever.

    Gelsemium sempervirens

    Essential for managing :

    • stress, fear and stage fright;
    • difficulty to fall asleep;
    • the flu.

    Hepar sulfur calcareum

    Can be used in the treatment of :

    • painful abscesses;
    • in combination with an antibiotic to increase its effectiveness.

    Ignatia amara

    Helps to treat :

    • the too strong emotion of a situation;
    • the too intense stress which prevents from moving forward;
    • oppression and fear of persecution;
    • diffuse pains.


    Allows to fight against :

    • fatty cough.

    Kalium bichromicum

    A benefit against :

    • sinusitis;
    • colds with a thick, green discharge from the nose;
    • mouth ulcers.

    Ledum palustre

    Relieves :

    • insect bites.

    Mercurius solubilis

    Intervenes against :

    • Sore throat and difficulty swallowing;
    • a dirty tongue or excessive saliva;
    • cystitis.

    Nux vomica

    Protects against :

    • overeating;
    • digestive disorders;
    • constipation.


    An essential help against :

    • pollen allergies.

    Lung histamine

    Comes to the rescue to fight against :

    • all allergic reactions.

    Rhus toxicodendron

    Acts to fight :

    • herpes;
    • the flu.

    Ruta graveolens

    Acts on :

    • sprain ;
    • tendinitis.

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