Headache : how to relieve it naturally ?

Chloé M | 02 March 2022
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Headache :  how to relieve it naturally ?

    What are the symptoms of headache ?

    Headache is a symptom that can be found in different disorders. Two of them are frequently found :

    • tension headache, which follows stress or intense fatigue. The pain is continuous and does not evolve following a physical effort or a stimulation of the senses;
    • Migraine, which corresponds to pain localized in a precise area and is generally found on one side of the skull. The pain intensifies following a physical effort or a stimulation of the senses (sensitivity to sounds, light or smells).

    What is the prodrome ?

    The prodrome corresponds to the sensations that appear before the onset of a migraine and that alert us to the imminent nature of the migraine. These sensations can be a mood disorder, a pain in the neck, a desire for a particular food, the onset of nausea or the appearance of an aura.

    What is an aura ?

    The aura corresponds to a set of abnormalities that appears before the migraine and temporarily disrupts all the senses. We find :

    • visual disorders,
    • disturbances of sensations
    • disturbances of balance,
    • language and speech disorders,
    • movement disorders.

    Generally, a flickering and flashing light is present in the visual field of the person who is going to be a victim of a migraine.

    How long does it last ?

    The headache caused by a migraine does not last more than 3 days. Migraines can evolve into chronic attacks that will keep coming back and can last up to 15 days or more per month.

    If the symptoms do not disappear, it is essential to consult a doctor.

    What is the difference between a classic migraine and an ophthalmic migraine ?

    A classic migraine does not have an ophthalmic aura or prodrome. Ophthalmic migraine is usually preceded by an aura.

    What is the danger of a headache ?

    The headache caused by a headache or migraine is not dangerous.

    The pain, although it can be intense and can prevent the performance of daily activities, does not represent an immediate danger.

    The danger lies in other causes of headache such as :

    • Meningitis (characterized by high fever and stiff neck);
    • cerebral hemorrhage (bleeding in the brain)
    • Glaucoma (excess pressure inside the eyes);
    • Horton's disease.

    What are the causes ?

    There are many causes of headaches. Some causes are more common than others :

    • genetic terrain is the main cause of headaches. It represents 70% of migraine cases;
    • screens of all kinds (screens, smartphone, television, computer,) represents the main cause of ophthalmic migraine;
    • hunger and prolonged fasting;
    • stress;
    • the beginning of menstruation or taking the contraceptive pill;
    • certain foods are known to promote the appearance of headaches;
    • lack of sleep and insomnia;
    • ironically, the drugs that usually fight headaches (paracetamol, tryptans,...) are themselves responsible for the appearance of headaches.

    Which foods can cause it ?

    Some foods are known to trigger and aggravate headaches. We find :

    • Red wine;
    • foods containing tyramine (cheese, soy, nuts, ...);
    • foods containing nitrates (cold cuts and meats);
    • foods rich in glutamate (Asian dishes);
    • Caffeine.

    Relieve headache naturally with aromatherapy

    • headache aggravated by stress can be relieved with Roman chamomile essential oil;
    • Cypress essential oil is relevant to reduce the intense pain of migraine;
    • True lavender essential oil, lavandin essential oil and lavender aspic essential oil can provide comfort that soothes the tension caused by migraine;
    • the essential oil of peppermint allows to accept more easily the headache and to decrease its duration.

    To go further, see our article: "How to use essential oils".

    Relieve headache naturally with homeopathy

    • the reference treatment is BELLADONA 9CHassociated with ACONIT NAPELLUS 9CH and SANGUINARIA CANADENSIS 9CH ;
    • if the headache is accompanied by an annoyance, it is interesting to add STAPHYSAGRIA 15CH ;
    • if the headache is caused by intellectual overwork, KALIUM PHOSPHORICUM 15CH should be used;
    • if emotion and stress are part of the headache, GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS 30CH or IGNATIA AMARA 30CH are indicated;
    • if the headache is aggravated by physical effort and follows excessive exposure to the sun, GLONOINUM 9CH should be taken;
    • nausea can be alleviated by VOMICA 9CH or LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM 30CH ;
    • headache following physical effort can be relieved by BRYONIA 15CH.

    To go further, see our article: "Homeopathy: When and how to take your granules ?".

    Health advice

    • do not forget the benefits of menthol to relieve headache, its action is impressive;
    • the physical means with the cold pack is essential to relieve the headache immediately;
    • Studies show that drinking coffee at the beginning of an attack reduces the pain;
    • A balanced diet and regular meal times without fasting are essential to fight the onset of headaches;
    • It is important to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol;
    • Relaxation helps to reduce stress and indirectly to fight the appearance of a headache. Yoga, tai chi and sophrology are strongly recommended;
    • the introduction of regular physical activity is important;
    • Going to bed at a regular time and sleeping more than 8 hours a night is essential.
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