Arnica montana : Benefits, Use and Dosage

Issa D | 04 February 2022
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Arnica montana : Benefits, Use and Dosage

    Arnica : what is it ?

    The common name of arnica is mountain arnica. But it is also called by other names such as preacher's herb, German doronic, Alpine plantain, Savoyard or Vosges tobacco, mountain betony, poor man's cinchona, sneeze herb.

    In homeopathy, one uses the whole plant and flowered.

    How to recognize the plant ?

    Of the family of the Asteraceae, the arnica is a plant of less than 1 m height, with root in the shape of fibre and stem in the shape of cylinder. The whole and oval leaves, sometimes present an outline in the shape of teeth. It measures 15 centimeters length. One recognizes arnica with the presence of hairs on its stem. The flowers are yellow and radiant.

    Where does this plant grow ?

    Arnica is a common plant of the mountainous regions of Europe, in particular the Alpes-Maritimes, the Cevennes, the Vosges and the Pyrenees. It grows in rocky areas and on land rich in heather, sheltered and shaded, and is harvested in the wild, above 800 m altitude and up to 2,800 m altitude.

    What are the therapeutic properties of Arnica montana ?

    • Arnica montana helps to fight hematomas and prevents the formation of oedemas.
    • Arnica montana facilitates the recovery of our muscles (following a too important effort or an injury requiring a cicatrization).

    What are the benefits of Arnica montana ?

    • Arnica montana makes it possible to fight the physical traumatisms like the bruises, the shocks, the bumps, the muscular tears and the hématomes. It limits the occurrence of their after-effects. It also helps to fight against aches and pains.To go further see our article : " Muscle tear : Recognize and treat it naturally ? "
    • Arnica montana allows to take care of the shocks of psychological or emotional nature with for example the bad news of the loss of a close relation. Generally this shock is associated with the presence of muscular pains and problems of insomnia that Arnica will be able to take care.
    • Arnica montana allows to reinforce our hair and our nails against a fall with the least shock
    • Arnica montana makes it possible to prevent the surgical complications. Thus one finds this use in the care of support also called post-operative care following a surgical intervention post-cancer.
    • Arnica montana also allows a better sporting recovery. It fights against the muscular, articular and dental pains.
    • The feverish state and the headaches which are often associated can be alleviated by the use of Arnica montana.
    • The whole of the problems of blood circulation such as the varicose veins, the painful veins, the muscular pains of the heavy legs can be attenuated by Arnica montana.
    • The childbirth being difficult to treat because of the contra-indications between the traditional drugs and this sensitive state of the life, Arnica montana, makes it possible in full safety to facilitate recovery.

    To go further, see our article: "Homeopathy: When and how to take your granules".

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