Muscle tear : cause, symptoms, duration and natural treatments

Joaquim A | 04 February 2022
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Muscle tear : cause, symptoms, duration and natural treatments

    A muscle tear is a break in the muscle tissue, often accompanied by localized bleeding in the torn area, which can cause swelling and severe pain. This is also known as muscle strain.

    What causes a muscle tear ?

    Generally, the tear occurs when the muscle is contracted or stretched and undergoes a shock or an effort too important. This tear is facilitated by particular circumstances such as intense sports practice on a muscle that was poorly warmed up before the effort. This situation particularly concerns high-level athletes. Tears can also occur when the muscle has already suffered an injury, or even due to an old tear that has not been properly treated.

    What are the symptoms of a muscle tear ?

    The pain of a muscle tear is very intense. It is characteristic with the sensation of being stabbed in the torn muscle. The pain is so intense that it prevents any further movement. At rest, the pain also persists.

    The torn muscle fills with blood and swells, this is called haemorrhage and oedema.

    How long does a muscle tear last ?

    The length of time it takes to recover from a muscle tear varies depending on the muscle affected, the severity of the tear, the victim's overall health and immune system, and whether or not surgery and physical rehabilitation with physiotherapy are required. This assessment is made by the doctor who carries out a medical examination and performs an ultrasound scan if necessary. A simple tear lasts a few days (up to 15 days), a more complex tear can last several weeks.

    The resumption of a sporting activity is only possible after complete healing with the agreement of a doctor.

    Natural health tips for muscle tears

    A muscle tear should not be neglected, otherwise there may be after-effects during the recovery and healing process. Indeed, a muscle that does not repair itself properly may not regain its strength and capacity as before the tear.

    In some cases, depending on the severity of the tear, a surgical intervention to facilitate healing is necessary. It is therefore necessary to seek advice on the severity of the injury.

    The health advice therefore has several objectives:

    Before the tear, prevention

    In order to avoid new tears, particularly in the already weakened muscle:

    • it is essential to adapt your sporting activities to your personal capacities. The practice must be reasoned to avoid a new accident.
    • It is necessary to warm up sufficiently before any sport and to cover up in cold periods (so as not to let the muscle cool down).
    • You must drink enough water, especially in hot weather (at least 1.5 litres of water per day).
    • You must eat a balanced diet to avoid tearing and to facilitate healing in the event of an accident.
    • You must maintain a healthy lifestyle by getting enough sleep and limiting the consumption of alcohol and tobacco.

    During the tear, the treatment

    To avoid pain and facilitate healing: rest for 15 days and put a support with an elastic band around the torn muscle. Wearing an orthopaedic shoe can be useful if the tear concerns a lower limb such as the calf. It helps to gradually regain support on the ground.
    Do not massage the torn area, as this may aggravate the injury.

    After the muscle tear, rest

    With rest, the application of ice helps to limit swelling and the development of oedema. The torn limb should be raised to facilitate blood return. All these actions allow the application of the GREC technique (Ice, Rest, Elevation, Compression).

    Treating a muscle tear with homeopathy

    • Arnica montana 9 CH: 5 granules 3 times a day as soon as possible at 10 minutes interval then 5 granules 4 times a day until complete recovery.

    To go further with Arnica montana click here

    Treating muscle tears with phytotherapy

    • Bromelain (enzymes from pineapple): 125mg to 500mg 3 times a day.

    To go further with bromelain and pineapple, click here :

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