Toothache : how to relieve it quickly ?

Tao L | 16 February 2022
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Toothache :  how to relieve it quickly ?

    We are familiar with toothache when the gum is the real cause of the pain. This is called gingivitis, and it is an inflammation of the gums that is often painful and accompanied by bleeding when brushing the teeth, usually with the presence of a bacterial infection that is more or less present.

    What is the cause of toothache ?

    Toothache is the symptom of an attack of the tooth by the dental plaque. The dental plaque will then cause disorders such as caries (hole in the tooth), gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) or periodontitis (damage to the base of the tooth with a risk of loosening and falling out of the tooth).

    Dental plaque is a deposit formed by the consumption of excess sugars in food. Insufficient brushing does not eliminate the plaque, which will settle on the teeth and form tartar.

    Under the tartar, bacteria will lodge and multiply, and the bacteria in number will attack the enamel and the body of the tooth. The tooth is weakened with a risk of not being straight in the mouth and of falling when the roots of the tooth are attacked.

    A toothbrush that is too hard can be responsible for a mechanical shock. Its traumatic use for the gums can be responsible for a bleeding which will maintain an inflammatory syndrome with a swelling and a bleeding without end.

    What are the symptoms ?

    • The main symptom is the daily presence of blood in the mouth, in small quantity, and unpleasant especially when waking up in the morning. The bleeding can be triggered by cold, friction or even during a meal when chewing food.
    • Gum bleeding can be accompanied by hypersensitivity of the teeth and/or gums responsible for an unbearable pain.
    • The gum may also be swollen due to the inflammation.

    Relieving toothache with homeopathy

    • If the gums are fragile and bleed easily at the slightest touch, the reference strain is Arnica montana 9CH.
    • If the gums have an inflammatory syndrome and are frequently swollen and painful, the MERCURIUS SOLUBILIS 9CH strain should be used. This strain is useful for bad morning breath caused by traces of blood in the saliva.

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    Relieve toothache with phytotherapy

    • Mouthwashes with plants such as cranberry and echinacea help limit the development of dental plaque and gum inflammation.

    To go further, see our article : "Phytotherapy : how to use medicinal plants ?".

    Relieve toothache with aromatherapy

    • The essential oil that works to relieve tooth pain is tea tree essential oil. This essential oil should be applied in small quantities on a cotton swab to dab the painful tooth to relieve it.

    To go further, check out our article, "How to use essential oils ?".

    Health advice

    • An inflammation of the gum over time can lead to loosening and loss of teeth. To avoid this phenomenon, it is recommended to visit your dentist during an annual visit. If tartar is already present, a visit to the dentist is a must. Indeed, a deep scaling is sometimes necessary to stop the gum problems.
    • The most important advice is to brush your teeth after each meal to eliminate plaque. This way the deposits on the teeth are removed and there will be no transformation into tartar or inflammation of the gums. This brushing of the teeth must be accompanied by the use of dental floss in order to eliminate the deposits between the teeth that are inaccessible to the toothbrush.And it is also strongly advised to use interdental brushes which have a more precise and effective action than the dental floss. It is essential that the toothbrush is very flexible to avoid traumatizing the gums. And it must be changed regularly, every three months or so, so as not to be too damaged.
    • Certain metabolic disorders that are not related to tooth pain can also contribute to it by weakening the immune system (diabetes, pregnancy, menopause, depression).
    • It is necessary to establish a balanced diet in order to limit the intake of sugar and acid which are harmful to teeth and gums.
    • Unfortunately, tobacco consumption is very harmful and wreaks havoc on the mouth. It is an actor of tooth pain, gingivitis and periodontitis.
    • There is a possibility of carrying out mouthwashes, in a daily way with daily mouthwashes or up to 5 days of treatment with the antiseptic mouthwashes. Attention, some of them are to be diluted with water but they are all to be used after brushing the teeth after each meal.
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