Fatigue : what causes it and how to treat it ?

Tao L | 24 February 2022
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Fatigue :  what causes it and how to treat it ?

    What is fatigue ?

    Fatigue corresponds to a physical weakening following an effort that is too intense. The effort can be physical or intellectual. Fatigue is therefore a normal physiological reaction of the body.

    How long does it last ?

    Fatigue is temporary and informs us that the body needs rest to recover and return to a normal state of functioning. It can last a few hours but never more than a few days. If it does not, it is called asthenia.

    What is asthenia ?

    Fatigue must be differentiated from asthenia, which corresponds to a fatigue that has difficulty disappearing and an organism that has great difficulty recovering despite rest. Asthenia is therefore a general exhaustion both on the physical level with the human body no longer able to function and on the psychological level with a psychological fragility and the risk of a depressive state also called "burn-out".

    Asthenia corresponds to a permanent tiredness which generates an irrepressible desire to sleep.

    What are the symptoms of fatigue ?

    Fatigue causes a set of symptoms that are not very specific and that can be found in a multitude of situations :

    • a desire to sleep during the night and the day,
    • a decrease in appetite,
    • a lack of motivation,
    • an inability to have a normal social and professional life,
    • a loss of interests,
    • a detour of effort and sports activities.

    What are the possible causes ?

    Fatigue is a general and uncharacteristic symptom of a large number of disorders and pathologies. The most common causes are :

    • the active presence or history of cancer or autoimmune disease,
    • the presence of a depression or psychiatric disorder
    • the presence of anemia, which is an insufficient number of red blood cells in the blood. This abnormal decrease can be explained by a too important loss (hemorrhage, menstruation, ...) or an insufficient production (dietary deficiency in iron and vitamin B9, ...),
    • the presence of a microbial infection caused by a bacterium or a virus.

    When to go for a consultation ?

    • How long have you been tired ? This question should alert you and trigger a medical visit only if the fatigue is actually asthenia that persists despite rest for more than 7 days.
    • The presence of fragile populations (children, pregnant women and elderly people) is a sufficient reason to consult a doctor.
    • The presence of an active disease or a history of cancer, autoimmune disease and depression should also be a warning.

    Treating fatigue with phytotherapy

    • Ginseng has the incredible power to reduce the feeling of fatigue.
    • Pollen and royal jelly, rich in trace elements, vitamins and minerals, play the role of natural fortifier.
    • Plants naturally rich in minerals, vitamin C and vitamin B are incredibly useful to boost the immune system. The naturopathandco editorial staff can only suggest RISTABIL which has a very interesting composition of vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed by the body because they are of natural origin.

    To go further, see our article : "Phytotherapy : how to use medicinal plants ?".

    Treating fatigue with homeopathy

    • KALIUM PHOSPHORICUM 9CH is the reference treatment to fight fatigue.

    To go further, see our article : "Homeopathy : When and how to take its granules ?".

    Health Advice

    • To help the body to fight against temporary fatigue, it is recommended to take a 3-month course of treatment with 1 tablet per day which combines magnesium and vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 has the role of transporting magnesium in order to facilitate its entry and its use in our body. Magnesium can be accompanied by selenium, zinc and cobalt to improve its action.
    • To stimulate the body's energy production cycle, it is strongly recommended to take a minimum 2-week course of vitamin C with 1 tablet or 2 teaspoons of liquid suspension in the morning. Vitamin C can be accompanied by vitamin B1, amino acids and trace elements to increase energy production.
    • The establishment of a balanced diet is essential. It allows to avoid the installation of food deficiencies (iron, vitamins, minerals, sugars, ...)
    • In order to improve lifestyle, it is necessary to avoid the consumption of stimulants after 5 p.m. so as not to disrupt the normal sleep cycle.
    • Sufficient hydration with the consumption of 2 liters of water per day is an essential element for the recovery of the body.
    • Regular physical activity helps structure the body's energy cycle and boosts the immune system.
    • To avoid fatigue, it is important to respect your sleep cycle and rest regularly when your body requires it. Taking a nap to take a break from personal and professional activities is the most effective way to do this.
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