The detox slimming program to lose weight quickly and sustainably

Chloé M | 18 September 2022
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The detox slimming program to lose weight quickly and sustainably

    Why follow a slimming detox cure ?

    Do you often have swollen fingers, legs and ankles ? Do you suffer from cellulite and edema ? Do you wake up in the morning with a puffy face ? Do you have to get up several times a night to go to the bathroom ? Have you gained several kilos and can't manage to lose them ?

    Your problem is water retention. Your body has accumulated excess water and the toxins present in excess can no longer be eliminated. A detox cure will do you a world of good by boosting the renal elimination system and by eliminating the toxins responsible for this retention.

    When is the right time to do this cure ?

    The duration of this cure being from 1 to 3 weeks and the difficulty being limited, it is advised to follow it at the end of spring or at the beginning of the summer.

    The period before the summer period allows to limit the water retention caused by the great heat.

    What products should be taken in a slimming detox ?

    Many products are beneficial in this program :

    • cucumber, ultra-light and rich in water ;
    • asparagus, rich in potassium and numerous detox compounds;
    • celery, diuretic and anti-hypertensive;
    • strawberries, to combine detox and pleasure;
    • lean animal proteins and vegetable proteins, to ensure a good osmotic balance and to promote the production of albumin to prevent water retention;
    • Meadowsweet, in infusion, for its diuretic properties;
    • green tea, an excellent ally against water retention.
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