The detox program for a great spring cleaning

Chloé M | 02 October 2022
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The detox program for a great spring cleaning

    Why and when should I follow a spring cleaning detox cure ?

    In winter, you like to sit by the fire and share with your family or friends delicious meals that are often very rich in sugar and fat. This is not very good for your liver, which builds up fat reserves until it becomes very fatty over the days. Detox cures at the arrival of spring make sense here. The first beautiful days are the occasion to make a big cleaning, by taking advantage of all the good vegetables, fruits and plants detox of the season through a cure of approximately 1 week. Here is a green proposal in colors.

    What products should I use in an express detox after a party ?

    Many products are beneficial in this program :

    • asparagus, for its diuretic properties;
    • Dandelion, to cleanse the liver and kidneys;
    • cucumber and zucchini, ultra-rich in water;
    • leek, an excellent cleanser;
    • spinach, rich in detox chlorophyll;
    • fresh herbs(mint, basil, parsley...), a little help to sprinkle in all your dishes.
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