Morning anguish : how to treat it naturally ?

Tao L | 27 February 2022
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Morning anguish :  how to treat it naturally ?

    What is anxiety ?

    Anxiety corresponds to an excessive reactionary state of our organism that follows a situation judged as an aggression. This state represents an anxiety of extreme magnitude with the presence of an imbalance of the organism and its functioning, but also of a psychological damage.

    Why is it useful ?

    Anxiety is useful if it remains punctual. It allows the organism to be informed of a dangerous situation like an alarm signal.

    How long does an anxiety attack last ?

    Don't panic, anxiety generally disappears in a few days without any complications.

    Why in the morning ?

    An exam coming up ? Fear of not being able to cope with the day ahead ?

    The morning anxiety, when getting out of bed, corresponds to a situation of projection. The person suffering from this type of anxiety apprehends a situation that he will undergo during the day. It is an important source of stress and anxiety.

    Why in the evening ?

    The evening anxiety corresponds to a difficulty of letting go. The person suffering from this type of anguish generally has the bad habit of constantly cogitating and of not managing to put his brain on pause. He thinks about the next day without being able to stop.

    People who question themselves, who reflect on the meaning of life or who have a great fear of death are also concerned by this type of anxiety.

    Take the naturopatandco test : do people suffering from night-time anxiety also have a frightening fear of air travel ?

    Is it dangerous ?

    The danger lies in the duration of the anxiety. Anxiety is harmful to everyday life because it causes the body to become tired by drawing on its vital energy :

    • If the anxiety lasts more than 6 months and turns into anxiety attacks, then medical advice is necessary.
    • If depression or a depressive state sets in, then medical advice is needed as soon as possible.

    What are the symptoms ?

    Anxiety is a symptom of anxiety that must be monitored very carefully. Anxiety can be associated with a series of other symptoms :

    • a great fatigue,
    • sleep disorders with the duration of sleep and multiple awakenings during the night,
    • a great agitation,
    • irritability that can be intense and associated with mood disorders,
    • digestive disorders with the presence of diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and stomach ache,
    • memory problems that can be complicated by a great difficulty to concentrate.

    What are the causes ?

    The causes of anxiety are numerous and it is difficult to establish a list. The most common causes are related to a traumatic situation :

    • the loss of a loved one,
    • the realization that death is inevitable,
    • being the victim of a physical accident or an attack,
    • learning the news of an illness such as cancer,
    • phobias of all kinds (spider, death, space, public speaking, exams, flying, ...).

    Anxiogenic elements

    The anxiety-provoking context corresponds to an element that facilitates the passage to anxiety. Fighting the anxiety-provoking element means fighting the anxiety at its root. It is possible to improve certain lifestyle habits in order to maintain a good quality of life and limit anxiety. The most important anxiety-provoking elements to fight are :

    • Tobacco,
    • alcohol
    • coffee.

    Treating anxiety with phytotherapy

    Numerous plants allow you to naturally find calm, relaxation and serenity :

    • the HOPS,
    • the MELISSE.

    To go further, consult our article : "Phytotherapy : how to use medicinal plants ?".

    Treating anxiety with homeopathy

    • GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS 15CH is the reference treatment,
    • It will be possible to add GELSEMIUM SEMPERVIRENS 9CH if the stage fright favors prostration,
    • If the anxious person is very agitated, it is possible to add ARGENTUM NITRICUM 9CH ,
    • KALIUM CARBONICUM 7CH is very useful if anxiety causes a ball in the stomach,
    • IGNATIA AMARA 7CH is very useful to fight fear, respiratory discomfort and lump in the throat caused by anxiety,
    • if the anxiety is very intense, it will be necessary to use ACONIT NAPELLUS 15CH,
    • Irritability and anger can be soothed with NUX VOMICA 15CH.

    To go further, see our article : "Homeopathy : When and how to take its granules ?".

    Health Advice

    • To help the organism to fight against temporary fatigue, a 3 month course of magnesium associated with vitamin B6 is essential. At a dosage of 1 tablet per day, magnesium allows at the same time to fight the already present anxiety, toIt also helps to prevent anxiety from becoming long-lasting and to combat fatigue and non-restorative sleep. Magnesium therefore helps to break the vicious circle of fatigue and poor sleep that maintains anxiety,
    • It is essential to establish regular physical activity,
    • Avoidance of tobacco, alcohol and coffee is essential,
    • Eating a balanced diet at regular times is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle,
    • going to bed at regular times and not too late, respecting an average sleep time of 8 hours per night are also important elements of a healthy lifestyle,
    • Relaxation through activities such as yoga, sophrology or tai chi can facilitate and maintain the body in a state of relaxation.
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