Menopause : how to soothe the symptoms naturally ?

Tao L | 09 February 2022
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Menopause :  how to soothe the symptoms naturally ?

    Menopause is the normal, programmed and definitive end of the production of the hormone estrogen in women. The most characteristic symptoms are hot flashes, which are more or less unpleasant, and the end of menstruation.

    What are the symptoms of menopause ?

    The menopause marks the end of the hormonal production of estrogen. This estrogen deficiency will unbalance a certain number of metabolisms and cause hot flashes, redness of the skin, excessive sweating during the day but also during the night, an increase in heart rate and great difficulty in falling asleep with numerous awakenings during the night.

    The menopause will also be responsible for a weakening of the bones of the whole body which is called osteoporosis.

    Menopause occurs around the age of 50, although some women will have menopause around the age of 45 and others later around the age of 55.

    How to reduce hot flashes with phytotherapy ?

    To reduce hot flashes, it is recommended to take a food supplement containing phyto-oestrogens with flax and hop. This 3-month treatment is effective in reducing hot flashes.

    Caution : this type of product is contraindicated for people with a history of hormonal cancer.

    For people with a history of hormonal cancer, it is recommended to use food supplements that do not contain phyto-oestrogens with a combination of omega 3, vitamin E, vitamin B9, iron, zinc, Borage and phospholipids. This treatment, without risk, in 3 months cure, is effective to attenuate the hot flashes.

    How to reduce menopausal symptoms with homeopathy ?

    The reference complex for the treatment of menopausal symptoms is ACTHEANE, a tablet that should be sucked slowly between meals.

    The reference strains for menopausal symptoms are the combination of LACHESIS MUTUS 9CH with GLONOINUM 9CH with SANGUINARIA CANADENSIS 9CH

    OSTEOCYNESINEtablets taken 3 weeks a month prevent calcium leakage from the bones and therefore limit the risk of bone fragility and fracture.

    For hot flashes, increased heart rate and excessive sweating, especially at night, BELLADONA 9CH is a very useful boost.

    To go further, see our article : "Homeopathy : When and how to take its granules ? ".

    What are the health advices to reduce menopausal symptoms ?

    - It is essential to refresh the body with a spray bottle and by taking cold showers, hot flashes will have more difficulty to settle.

    - It is also important to engage in regular physical activity. But don't overdo it, which could be traumatic for the body. Physical maintenance and good physical condition can greatly limit all the symptoms of menopause. For example, it is recommended to practice tai chi, swimming or fast walking.

    - Relaxation is beneficial to the body and mind by practicing yoga, tai chi or sophrology. It has encouraging results in reducing the symptoms of menopause.

    - Lightweight, 100% cotton clothing helps limit hot flashes and the discomfort caused by menopausal symptoms.

    - To alleviate metabolic disorders, it will be beneficial to avoid the consumption of alcohol, spices, and tobacco. Large meals and the resulting difficulty in digesting will accentuate the symptoms, so it is important to eat a balanced diet in reasonable portions.

    - To limit the weakening of bones, dairy products should be consumed without moderation, in all their forms (milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.). Do not forget unsuspected sources of calcium such as broccoli, sardines or mineral water. Vitamin D supplementation, to be taken during a meal because it is better absorbed by fats, should be considered after medical advice.

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