Lithotherapy : the power of crystals with medicinal properties

Chloé M | 30 October 2022
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Lithotherapy :  the power of crystals with medicinal properties

    The needs of our bodies and minds are numerous and can be summed up in different chakras that certain minerals can maintain. This is why we talk about lithotherapy : we talk about the therapeutic power of stones also called crystal or mineral. They have been used for thousands of years in different cultures around the world to take care of one's health by acting on prevention but also on care. There are hundreds of different crystals that it is interesting to recognize and use for their beneficial effects on the body and mind.

    The chemical and electrical properties of minerals

    Like quartz, which is largely found in watches, you use devices every day that make use of the electrical properties of some. The particularity of the quartz stone is to emit a frequency when it is subjected to an electric field. It is the piezoelectric effect : thus, a necklace of small quartz crystals worn around the neck, by the natural movement, will form a field which will relieve the headaches.

    How to choose your crystals ?

    By feeling.

    During your discoveries and purchases in specialized stores or from lithotherapy experts, you will have seen crystals with different shapes, sizes, colors and energies. Each crystal is unique and if you are drawn to one or feel a tingling sensation when you hold it in your hand, it is meant for you!

    Let your intuition guide you to find physical and mental harmony. Your unconscious knows things that your reason could not explain and the global action is much more effective.

    How do crystals act on the body ?

    Crystals act in two different but complementary ways :

    • by their chemical action on the body;
    • by their energetic or vibratory action on the mind.

    The chemical action acts on the body (skin, flesh, bones, organs, ...) which is the most efficient and safest way to absorb the chemical elements that constitute the crystal. Unlike industrial chemicals found in extreme quantities in conventional medicines, the mineral is natural and will only contain small doses. On the same principle as homeopathy, the crystal will act at the atomic and energy level without presenting a risk of toxicity for the body. We take care of our body without any danger.

    Each crystal will also vibrate differently thanks to its mineral composition. According to its frequency of vibration, it will cause an action with specific medicinal virtues.

    How to use a therapeutic crystal ?

    To optimize the use of a crystal and take advantage of its medicinal virtues :

    • the point of the crystal must be directed downwards to anchor the person towards the center of the earth, the reality, the concrete and the material.
    • the point directed upwards and towards the stars of the sky to lead towards a better spirituality.

    How to wear a crystal around the neck and wrist ?

    The crystal must be in direct contact with the skin to act and its shape will not impact this action. There are strategic areas to wear your lithotherapy jewel : wearing these crystals on the energy meridians and chakras is recommended.

    The necklace around the neck or the bracelet around the wrist are recommended for long-term treatment. Indeed, the neck is a very sensitive area (passage of nerves and blood vessels). On these areas the crystal can act effectively on the mind, emotions, nervousness and behavioral problems.

    The bracelets are perfectly adapted for an action on the meridians. This contact area is recommended for joint, nervous and memory problems.

    How to choose a lithotherapy ring ?

    The rings are worn on different fingers :

    • on the thumb : to act against egocentrism, withdrawal, the search for the past, brain function, congenital inheritance, anxiety and throat problems;
    • on the index finger : to strengthen wisdom, temperance, justice. It also helps to fight negative emotions, acne, skin problems, migraine and constipation;
    • on the middle finger : to improve willpower, dynamism and energy (fight physical and emotional fatigue). It also acts against anemia, conflicting emotions and shyness;
    • the ring finger : to activate vitality, dynamism, physical and spiritual energies but also to correct fertility disorders, kidney function problems, migraines and concentration problems;
    • the little finger : to balance psychic energy and sensitivity, to reinforce telepathy and intuitions but also to fight digestive disorders, anxiety, stage fright and hypertension.

    Why wear earrings with a mineral ?

    The earrings are very well located and have an action on knowledge, intuition, clairvoyance. The right side acts on the left part of the body and the left part of the brain acts on the right part of the body.

    How to purify and clean your lithotherapy crystals ?

    Crystals are emitters of good vibrations but they receive bad vibrations in return. Thus to purify them one can :

    • wash them in running water, taking care not to contaminate them with germs;
    • bury them for a while under the earth of the planet. The stone will then be totally reborn because the bad waves are driven out in the earth. Indeed, Mother Nature has a magnetism which will drive out all the impurities and will give back to the crystal its virginity.

    • To put them in a geode of amethyst or on a macle of quartz to drive out the bad waves.

    The Chakras : what is it ?

    There are 7 chakras in the human body. They are wheels or spiritual centers which constitute the junction points of the meridians. The chakras are located :

    • 1st chakra or Muladhara pelvis, red color;
    • 2nd chakra or Svadhisthana : navel, orange color;
    • 3rd chakra or Manipura : stomach, yellow color;
    • 4th chakra or Anahata : heart, green color;
    • 5th chakra or Visuddha throat, color blue;
    • 6th chakra or Ajna : between the two eyes, purple color;
    • 7th chakra or Sahasrara : fontanel, white color.

    The choice of the colors of the crystals are in correspondence with the chakras which are themselves linked with the different bodies :

    • The etheric body. The etheric body is the support of the chakras, it is also the vehicle of the vital essence of the body. It contains the organization program of the physical body and the life energy. This energy circulates through the meridians and concentrates to create vital centers, true spiral energy vortices that radiate from the axis of the physical body; they are called chakras in Sanskrit, which means wheels. Each chakra will interact with the body in a different way. The chakras all share the energy received from the environment and an imbalance of this energy can cause disorders and diseases of the body. A blocked or unbalanced chakra can disrupt one of the body's many metabolic systems such as the glandular system, the digestive system or the cardiac system.
    • The astral body. The astral body or emotional body is the mirror where all emotions, desires and feelings are reflected. It records all the impressions and messages of life through the senses and communicates them to the mental body. This body can expand or contract depending on what the person is feeling. It is in the astral body that the presence of so-called "astral" entities, i.e. <<wandering souls ">, will be felt when there is <<vampirization " of energy.

    • The mental body. Surrounding the astral body is the mental body. This body is the seat of the intellect and of our thoughts. Its role is therefore to apprehend reality and to manage it as well as possible for the survival of the body, but above all to find the reason why a being has incarnated. The mind asks itself the big question : why are we here ? What is my life path ?
    • The causal body. This is the body of the soul or spiritual body which corresponds to the exit of the spirit from the body. This phenomenon occurs, for example, at physical death, when the spirit escapes from the body and integrates the mental and astral bodies.
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