Insect stings and bites : how to relieve them naturally ?

Tao L | 15 May 2022
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Insect stings and bites :  how to relieve them naturally ?

    Which insects are responsible for stings and bites in humans ?

    The main species responsible for bites are arachnids (4 pairs of legs) :

    • spiders ;
    • Otter bugs ;
    • scabies ;
    • mites ;
    • ticks.

    There are also many insects (3 pairs of legs) :

    • mosquitoes;
    • the flea ;
    • the bee ;
    • the wasp.

    What are the symptoms of an insect bite or sting ?

    The bites favored by arachnids have many forms :

    • spider bites form a bubble-like swelling;
    • the bites of aoutat form red or purple patches and which itch enormously, in particular at the level of the arms and the legs;
    • Tick bites are painless.

    Insect bites are mostly caused by mosquitoes. The bite causes inflammation in the form of an asymmetrical pimple that is very itchy. Among the insects, we also find :

    • the flea responsible for stings in collar and responsible for great itching;
    • the bee that stings with its single-use stinger. To escape, the bee has to tear off its stinger and die a little further away because of this deadly wound. The sting of the stinger causes indescribable pain because of the presence of venom that is injected under the skin. In an individual with an allergic background, a single bee sting is enough to kill ;
    • The wasp stings but unlike the bee, it does not have a stinger and can therefore sting at will. Venom, in lesser quantity and again injected.

    What are the main diseases transmitted by mosquitoes ?

    There are 2 main genera of mosquitoes, each with their own particularities.

    The Aedes mosquito, also called "tiger mosquito", can carry the following viruses

    • Dengue fever
    • Chikungunya ;
    • Yellow fever
    • Zika.

    While the Anophele mosquito can carry the malaria virus.

    Insect bites and stings : how long does it last ?

    In the absence of a serious risk (allergic terrain, etc.) or a complication (tick carrying Lyme disease, mosquito carrying Dengue, Chikungunya, Zika, Yellow Fever or Malaria), healing allows for a complete recovery without after-effects within 7 days.

    When to consult a doctor ?

    Medical advice is essential for a person with physical or immune fragility or an allergic background. Many criteria must be analyzed to consider the relevance of consulting a doctor :

    • infection at the level of the wound;
    • sting or bite in the oropharynx, the eye area, on a large area of the body;
    • presence of giant hives;
    • presence of edema;
    • presence of bronchospasm
    • presence of fever associated with abdominal pain suggestive of anaphylactic shock
    • presence of a red halo following a tick bite suggestive of Lyme disease;
    • mosquito bites in a high-risk area (Africa, Asia, South America, etc.)

    Treating insect bites with homeopathy

    • LEDUM PALUSTRE 5CH in prevention is the reference treatment;
    • APIS MELLIFICA 5CH + BELLADONA 5CH + APIS MELLIFICA 9CH + HISTAMINUM 15CH is the miracle mixture to fight inflammation, especially in allergic terrain;
    • CANTHARIS 15CH is effective in the presence of a blister and itching;
    • APIS MELLIFICA 7CH is essential to fight the sting and envenomation of bees and wasps.

    To go further, see our article : "Homeopathy : When and how to take its granules ?".

    Health advice to better protect yourself against insects

    • It is necessary to wear long and loose clothing that covers the whole body;
    • To prevent mosquitoes, use a repellent and sleep under a mosquito net;
    • Eliminate stagnant water because pests, especially mosquitoes, thrive in it;
    • If the presence of a tick is confirmed, it must be removed as soon as possible to avoid the potential transmission of the Lyme disease virus. To do this, it is essential to use a tick remover that allows the tick to be removed safely by a rotating movement. Using ethanol, a flame, liquid petroleum jelly or the blade of a knife will stress the tick and it may spit out and transmit the virus. Decapitating the head of the tick will not protect against transmission of the disease;
    • To prevent tick bites, you should inspect your entire body after a walk in the woods, take a shower and wash your clothes.
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    Brandon  21/05/2022 09:23
    How to naturally soothe the redness following an bugs bites ?
    Tao  06/06/2022 15:07

    the essential oil of lavender allows at the same time to alleviate the itching of the mosquito bite and to avoid the inflammatory phenomenon (redness, heat and swelling). The essential oil can be used pure by applying it on the buttons using a clean cotton stem.
    Enjoy reading on Naturopatandco :)

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