How to treat cough naturally ?

Issa D | 29 May 2022
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How to treat cough naturally ?

    What exactly is a cough ?

    Coughing is an automatic reaction of the body to protect itself from harmful and dangerous substances present in the air of the environment. Coughing allows the body to drain embarrassing secretions and expel foreign particles.

    Oily cough and dry cough : what are the differences ?

    There are 2 types of cough :

    • a wet cough, which is productive and useful to protect the respiratory tract. It must be accompanied to make it effective and to avoid the installation of an inflammation or an infection that could descend on the bronchial tubes and become chronic bronchitis;
    • dry cough, which is non-productive and therefore of no use in protecting the airways. Its presence is harmful because it causes irritation of the respiratory tract. It is also the cause of intense fatigue. It must therefore be fought.


    Bronchitis is an inflammation of the lungs that affects breathing. It is an infection that can be viral or bacterial with respiratory symptoms :

    • fever ;
    • congestion of the bronchial tubes
    • difficulty breathing;
    • Coughing;
    • Sore throat;
    • Mucus formation.

    What are the causes ?

    There are 5 main causes of coughing :

    • viral infection;
    • Bacterial infection;
    • Allergic reaction (asthma);
    • Drug reaction (anti-hypertensive medication such as ACE inhibitors);
    • digestive reflux (acid reflux that causes burning as it travels up the digestive tract and then into the airways).

    How long does a cough last ?

    A cough, depending on its cause, can last more or less time. A cough caused by a virus or bacteria lasts a few days but never more than 2 weeks.

    Allergic, medicinal or digestive coughs can easily last more than 2 weeks and several months.

    When should I see a doctor ?

    The cough is benign in its classic form but requires a medical consultation to avoid a complication if :

    • a chronic cough lasts more than 2 weeks ;
    • a fever is present for more than 2 days (without taking paracetamol because this medicine masks the fever);
    • a respiratory discomfort is present with a wheezing cough or asthma;
    • a cardiac discomfort is present;
    • a dry cough is present in an individual taking medication for high blood pressure.

    Treating cough with essential oils

    For a wet cough :

    In aromatherapy, the gold standard treatment is :

    • 1 drop of essential oil of Eucalyptus radiata ;
    • + 1 drop of essential oil of red Myrtle;
    • to dilute in 28 drops of neutral vegetable oil.

    Application on the chest or wrists, 3 times a day, to facilitate the breathing of vapors.

    For dry cough :

    There are different recipes to disinfect and soothe the airways with aromatherapy :

    • 1 drop of essential oil of Cypress always green + 1 drop of essential oil of Marjoram to be diluted in 28 drops of neutral vegetable oil. Application on the thorax or the wrists, 2 times per day, to facilitate the breathing of the vapors. To be used in children over 15 years old
    • 1 drop of essential oil of Cypress always green + 1 drop of essential oil of Thyme thujanol to pour on a neutral tablet. The tablet must be swallowed, 1 time per day, during 7 days.

    To go further, see our article : "How to use essential oils ?".

    Treating cough with homeopathy

    For oily cough :

    • ANTIMONIUM TARTARICUM9CH is the reference treatment;
    • KALIUM BICHROMICUM5CH is useful in the presence of large mucus;
    • PULSATILLA15CH can be taken if the mucus persists over time;
    • COCCUS CACTI9CH can be associated with a nocturnal cough;
    • IPECA5CH is effective against nausea and vomiting;
    • MERCURIUS SOLUBILIS9CH is of great interest if there is a risk of infection, particularly in the bronchi.

    For dry coughs :

    • CUPRUM METALLICUM5CH is the reference treatment;
    • HISTAMINE15CH is to be used in the presence of an allergic origin;
    • BRYONIA5CH is interesting for treating coughs that start during speech or when drinking;
    • DROSERA15CH is effective for coughs that start while lying down;
    • IPECA5CH is effective against nausea and vomiting.

    To go further, see our article : "Homeopathy : When and how to take its granules ?".

    Relieve wet cough with medicinal plants

    In phytotherapy, many plants allow to fluidify the congestion to facilitate their elimination :

    • the white lamier ;
    • the eucalyptus;
    • the Scots pine;
    • thyme;
    • wild thyme.

    To go further, see our article : "Phytotherapy : how to use medicinal plants ?".

    Health advice

    In order to treat cough optimally, it is necessary to follow certain advice :

    • do not combine a treatment that treats dry cough with a treatment that treats wet cough. This would make the treatment ineffective;
    • You must stay well hydrated by drinking at least 1.5 liters of water per day;
    • Stop or reduce smoking;
    • it is possible to humidify the air in the living room of the house by placing a bowl of water on the radiator of the living room. A humidifier makes it easy to handle;
    • It is necessary to maintain a constant temperature in the living space with an approximate temperature of 19°C;
    • if the respiratory tract is congested, physiological serum or a nasal spray with sea water should be used as often as necessary;
    • if a cough is present at night at bedtime, it is possible to raise the chest;
    • Experts will tell you that the benefits of beehive products (propolis, honey) are incredible because of their anti-inflammatory action. To use without hesitation.
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