Homeopathy : how to treat a cold ?

Issa D | 09 March 2022
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Homeopathy : how to treat a cold ?

    What is a cold ?

    The common cold is a frequent, benign and generally winter disease that corresponds to an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose (nasal) that can even reach the pharynx in children.

    What are the symptoms ?

    The common cold causes a clear nasal discharge that thickens and eventually turns yellow. Generally, the discharge is accompanied by :

    • sneezing ;
    • a headache caused by a headache;
    • a fever higher than 38°C;
    • irritation of the throat;
    • a dry or wet cough or an alternation of the two.

    How long does it last ?

    The cold is followed by a spontaneous recovery in 1 week and never exceeds 2 weeks.

    What are the causes ?

    The viral origin with a contagion by a virus of the rhinovirus family is the main cause of mild colds.

    Is the common cold contagious ?

    The common cold is very contagious by direct contact (kissing with the transmission of saliva, ...), by indirect contact (presence on a surface : door handle, toothbrush, ...) and by transmission in the air (microdroplets when coughing, when speaking, when breathing, ...).

    What is the danger ?

    The danger lies in the risk of complication of the cold in otitis, sinusitis or bronchitis in children.

    When to consult a doctor ?

    It is useful to consult a doctor if :

    • the symptoms last more than 48 hours;
    • fever exceeds 38°C;
    • a pain is present in the face;
    • a cough is persistent with the presence of respiratory discomfort;
    • the cold concerns a newborn less than 6 months old;
    • an edema of the eyelid and conjunctivitis is associated with the cold.

    Treating colds with homeopathy

    • CORYZALIA with 1 tablet per hour to be sucked is the reference treatment against colds;
    • NUX VOMICA 5CH associated with SABADILLA OFFICINARUM 5CH and ALLIUM CEPA 5CH is an explosive cocktail to get out of a cold quickly and effectively;
    • if the nose is blocked, it is relevant to add AMONIUM CARBONICUM 5CH.

    To go further, see our article: "Homeopathy: When and how to take your granules ?".

    Health advice

    • Hydration is essential, especially for newborns and the elderly;
    • Sea spray is very effective in preventing colds. If the nose is blocked, hypertonic sea sprays should be used, with 1 spray in each nostril 3 times a day. The isotonic spray can be used as much as necessary;
    • raising the head at bedtime with a pillow helps to reduce respiratory discomfort and coughing;
    • To avoid spreading contamination, wash your hands regularly with soap and water;
    • remember to cover your mouth when you feel like coughing;
    • Avoiding tobacco is essential;
    • Naturopathandco recommends a cure of vitamin C with 1 gram to be taken every morning during 2 months in winter.
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