White alcohol vinegar : what is it for ?

Issa D | 12 June 2022
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White alcohol vinegar : what is it for  ?

    What is white spirit vinegar ?

    White spirit vinegar, also called spirit vinegar or crystal vinegar is obtained by transforming beet or corn alcohol into acetic acid.

    It is the essential product to maintain naturally and in full safety its place of dwelling. It allows to avoid the use of chemical products, pollutants, toxic or even carcinogenic. This ecological product represents the simplest and least expensive solution to take care of your home, your children, your health and nature.

    An essential descaler

    White vinegar has one main action : it allows to fight effectively against scale deposits and limescale.

    This property is based on its acidity which allows to easily disintegrate the deposits present in the coffee pot, on the taps, in the shower, in the iron, in the washing machine, in the dishwasher, ... Simply spray a small amount of white vinegar and leave it on for about 20 minutes.

    To accelerate the descaling process, it is possible to use a mixture of equal volume of white vinegar and hot water.

    An exceptional disinfectant

    Thanks to its acidity, white vinegar has an antimicrobial action that is highly appreciated in home maintenance. It allows to disinfect easily surfaces (toilet seat, sink, door handle, ...) and without leaving any trace.

    An effective cleaner

    Whether it is to unclog pipes or to get rid of stubborn grease stains, white vinegar has an impressive action.

    Adding white vinegar to a few teaspoons of baking soda powder produces a strong foaming reaction. It is the formation of carbon dioxide which allows to strip surfaces by releasing in the form of bubbles, to clean in depth the pipes, to degrease surfaces, to restore the brightness to the dishes, to make shine the windows and the tiles without leaving residues.

    An aid to maintain the textile

    Thanks to its stain removal, softening and deodorizing properties, vinegar alcohol can be used to maintain household linen and the various textiles used in everyday life. The acetic acid present in large quantities in white vinegar allows to soften the linen to make it more flexible, softer and more pleasant to the touch.

    To use it, you just have to soak the garment with a sufficient quantity of vinegar and without risk because it does not damage the textiles. After washing, the acidic smell of the vinegar disappears, taking with it the unpleasant odors that were present on the clothes.

    And as presented, it is a virtuous circle : the washing machine will also be descaled by the presence of vinegar.

    A soothing action on insect bites

    Very well known from grandmother's remedies, white spirit vinegar allows to soothe an insect bite or sting and avoids itching and scratching, which are harmful to a quick and uncomplicated healing.

    This soothing medicinal virtue is based on acetic acid, which relieves the inflammation and slight envenomation of a superficial skin bite. The acid will even prevent the installation and the propagation of an infection by its antimicrobial action.

    It is advisable to apply a small amount of white vinegar with a soaked cotton swab and dab it on the lesion.

    A natural weed killer

    For this action, I think strongly of my mother who gets rid of dandelions and weeds in our garden by using white vinegar.

    To use it as a natural weed killer, nothing complicated, just pour white vinegar at the base of the unwanted plant (aiming at the roots). The absorption of white vinegar by the plant allows to burn it and to kill it in a few weeks. The application must be repeated 2 or 3 times to obtain the expected result.

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