Vegetable charcoal : a natural detoxifier

Joaquim A | 31 July 2022
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Vegetable charcoal :  a natural detoxifier

    What is activated vegetable carbon ?

    Activated vegetable carbon, also called black carbon or activated carbon, is derived from the combustion of wood or coconut shells. It is a great depollutant for the human body because it is able to capture harmful substances and toxins in order to eliminate them. It is also increasingly found in cosmetic products because it helps to purify the skin.

    What are the different forms of activated carbon ?

    Charcoal exists in different forms :

    • in powder : the dose is to be diluted in a small glass of water. The texture is a little bit plastery, a rinsing of mouth is necessary after the catch;
    • in granules : this form is the most pleasant to take because it generally has a slightly sweet taste;
    • in capsules and tablets : these forms are the most convenient to take. To be swallowed with a large glass of water.

    It can be found in pharmacies and health food stores in the form of powder, to be diluted in a large glass of water, or in capsules, tablets and granules.

    Activated charcoal in digestive disorders

    Activated charcoal has many indications to take care of one's transit :

    • it is extremely porous which gives it the ability to absorb up to one hundred times its volume in gas. Vegetable charcoal is therefore a natural solution of choice for absorbing digestive gases found in bloating and stomach aches;
    • it also remains a good option to treat other digestive and intestinal disorders (gastroenteritis, diarrhea, constipation and heartburn).

    How to use it : 1 dose 3 times a day for 2 days.

    An antidote against intoxications and poisonings without gravity

    The activated vegetable coal makes it possible to avoid the worst :

    • its absorbing power makes it possible to avoid the light food poisoning by absorbing the toxins before they are absorbed and find themselves in the bloodstream;
    • in addition to capturing substances before they have time to make us sick, activated charcoal is capable of fixing and eliminating from the body various harmful substances such as heavy metals, traces of medication, pesticides and toxins produced by bacteria;
    • in practice, by an adapted formulation, activated carbon allows to depollute water to make it clean for human consumption.

    How to use activated carbon in cosmetic care ?

    Activated charcoal works miracles on teeth :

    • it gradually makes the enamel of the teeth reappear;
    • it allows to get rid of stains on teeth caused by food, drinks or tobacco consumption.

    How to use it ? Dip your toothbrush in the powder, brush and rinse with clear water, no more than twice a week.

    Charcoal allows you to take care of your skin through detoxifying treatments :

    • for dull skin, ;
    • for skin prone to blackheads;
    • for imperfections and impurities.

    How to use it ?Mix charcoal, green clay and water to obtain a paste. Apply to the face avoiding the eye area and leave on for 10 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly. Use once or twice a week.

    What precautions should I take before using activated charcoal ?

    • Avoid taking charcoal at the same time as your medication because it can make them less effective, like the contraceptive pill or heart medication. To be taken at least 2 hours after taking medication;
    • To avoid any problem of constipation following the catch of vegetable coal, it is advised to hydrate well by drinking water regularly during the hours which follow the catch;
    • To avoid the blackening of the teeth at the time of the ingestion of powder of black coal, it is advised to change formulation for a capsule, a tablet or granules to be swallowed. The powder preparation can also be drunk through a straw;
    • For the children of less than 12 years and the pregnant women ask advice to your doctor;
    • If the disorders persist after 2 days of treatment, it is advised to consult a doctor.
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