Top 7 plants for an effective detox

Tao L | 06 July 2022
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Top 7 plants for an effective detox

    What is a detox plant ?

    A detox plant is a species that has been scientifically proven to be beneficial to health. At the end of each season, we tend to change our diet and certain lifestyle habits. Our organs that filter toxins find themselves disorganized to effectively pursue their detoxification missions. This is the time to think about doing a detox cure.

    Which detox plants to choose ? We have listed 7 detox plants that will help you take care of your body.

    Burdock : special for clean skin

    Burdock stimulates :

    • the functioning of the kidneys and liver by promoting the elimination of gallstones and kidney stones;

    • the good state of the skin by fighting eczema, acne and mycosis. It moisturizes dry skin and purifies oily skin.

    In practice : Infuse 4 grams of dried root in 250 milliliters of boiling water for about 10 minutes. Drink three cups a day for 2 weeks.

    Milk thistle : a powerful liver protector

    This plant has an action impossible to circumvent on the liver, partly thanks to its compound silymarin :

    • it protects the hepatic cells from external toxins such as alcohol;

    • it stimulates the regeneration of the hepatic cells;

    • it also allows to increase the rate of glutathione in the liver to allow an effective detoxification on the long term.

    In practice : Pour 1 tablespoon of seeds in 150 milliliters of cold water and bring to boil. Boil for 30 minutes before straining. Drink three to four cups a day, before meals.

    Chrysanthellum : to fight alcohol intoxication

    Chrysanthellum accelerates the elimination of alcohol from the blood and partially repairs liver cells damaged by excessive alcohol consumption. It owes its protective effectiveness to two particular substances : saponins and luteolin.

    In practice : Pour 1 tablespoon of dried leaves and flowers in a cup of boiling water and let infuse 10 minutes. Drink two to three cups per day.

    Desmodium ascendens : the liver repairer

    This plant is an excellent remedy to repair a damaged liver, especially after a drug treatment or alcohol consumption.

    In practice : The plant is presented in the form of dry sheets with which one can prepare decoctions. For that, make boil 10 grams of leaves in 500 milliliters of water during 15 minutes then filter, and drink the preparation in the day. Take a three-week course of treatment three to four times a year.

    Orthosiphon : eliminate toxins in the urine

    Orthosiphon is a medicinal plant rich in essential oil, potassium and antioxidants. By its diuretic action, it stimulates the renal elimination of water and toxins.

    In practice : pour 5 grams of dry leaves in 250 milliliters of water and let infuse 10 minutes. Drink two to three cups a day, avoiding taking it after 6 p.m. (to avoid getting up at night to go to the bathroom).

    Dandelion : an astonishing nutritional richness

    This perennial plant is especially known for its diuretic action and stimulation of the renal function. It is also used to drain the liver and stimulate the production and evacuation of bile. It is said to be cholagogue and choleretic.

    Detox tip : Dandelion is most often eaten raw and in salads.

    In practice : infuse 10 grams of dandelion leaves in 150 milliliters of boiling water. Drink up to three cups a day.

    The cherry tail : the friend of the bladder

    Like cherry, cherry stem has a well-known diuretic effect. It is very popular to relieve urinary inflammations.

    In practice : pour about ten cherry stems in 500 milliliters of water and bring to a boil. Let boil for 5 minutes and then rest for 15 minutes off the heat before straining. Drink up to three cups a day.

    Ginger : to boost and cleanse the emunctories

    Ginger is best known for its digestive properties and for stimulating the body's main elimination organs. It is a good ally of the liver, intestines and lungs whose action it boosts.

    Detox tip : get into the habit of adding a small piece to your juices and smoothies.

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