Top 15 vegetables to naturally detoxify your body

Issa D | 03 August 2022
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Top 15 vegetables to naturally detoxify your body

    How do I know if a vegetable has detox power ?

    The detox diet favors fruits and vegetables in general because they allow :

    • to regulate the acid-base balance ;
    • limit the harmful effects of toxins present in our daily diet.

    Thus, the detox vegetable is rich in substances that help to clean the body with :

    • water : to cleanse with its draining action essential to transport waste to the exit doors. Some vegetables are an important source of water, such as cucumbers and zucchini;
    • fibers : which are essential for good transit and evacuation of waste via the intestines. They are mainly found in vegetables, whole grains and legumes;
    • enzymes : to stimulate the digestion process. Raw vegetables, especially in the form of juice, are an excellent source;
    • Sulphur compounds : found in large quantities in vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and radish;
    • antioxidants : to fight against free radicals produced during the normal detoxification process;
    • Chlorophyll, the natural green pigment in plants.

    Not sure which vegetables to choose ? Discover now our selection of the best detox vegetables.

    Artichoke : an ally of digestion

    Artichoke, like black radish, is one of the best liver cleansers :

    • it helps the liver to get rid of its toxins thanks to the presence of cynarine, a protective tannin;
    • it stimulates the production and evacuation of bile : to facilitate the digestion of greases;
    • it supports the detoxification of the organization;
    • it has diuretic virtues by its richness in potassium;
    • it has fibers essential to the good health of the intestinal flora.

    The detox advice : the association of artichoke with lemon juice is the perfect detox formula.

    Asparagus : a natural solution against water retention

    Asparagus is perfect for :

    • draining and stimulating the elimination of waste in the kidneys thanks to its high potassium content;
    • promote detoxification thanks to its composition in asparagine, asparagose and chlorophyll which have an antioxidant action;
    • which takes care of the digestive flora thanks to the fibers present in great quantity.

    Detox tip : choose green asparagus over white asparagus which has a better redox potential.

    Beet : champion of antioxidants

    Beets are rich in antioxidants :

    • it protects the functioning of the intestines with its fibers;
    • it stimulates the elimination of waste with methionine;
    • it helps the liver to break down fats thanks to the presence of betanin.

    The detox advice : buy preferably raw beets. You can also consume it in the form of juice with a little apple and ginger.

    Broccoli : the natural depollutant

    Broccoli, like all vegetables of the cruciferous family (cabbage and radish), is an excellent source of glucosinolates, desulfurophane and glucoraphanin, sulfur compounds that stimulate the detoxification process.

    Detox tip : broccoli is an interesting alternative for people who do not digest cabbage properly.

    Carrots : detox par excellence

    The carrot acts on several things at the same time :

    • it stimulates the functioning of the intestines thanks to its richness in fiber;
    • It promotes the detoxification of the liver and gallbladder by activating the production of bile;
    • it is a powerful antioxidant thanks to its beta-carotene composition.

    Detox tip : always combine carrots with a little fat (olive oil, butter) to facilitate the assimilation of its carotene.

    Celery : boosting detox

    Celery is particularly diuretic :

    • it boosts the elimination of liquids when blood pressure rises;
    • it facilitates the elimination of waste;
    • it stimulates the liver function.

    Detox tip : prepare celery in juice with a little apple and carrot to soften its taste which can be too strong for some.

    Cabbage : the great cleanser

    Thanks to its rich composition of sulfur-containing substances such as glucosinolates and glutathione, cabbage is very effective in cleansing the liver and gallbladder.

    Detox tip : steam cabbage is the best way to preserve its medicinal properties.

    Cucumbers : the essential diuretic for summer

    Cucumbers have two major detox benefits :

    • it is diuretic because of its high potassium content and facilitates the elimination of waste;
    • it is hydrating because of its high water content (about 95%).

    Detox tip : try cucumber water, a fresh ultra-detox drink by blending 4 to 5 whole cucumbers and adding spring water and a few mint leaves.

    Zucchini : boosting elimination

    Like cucumbers, zucchini is rich in water and potassium, which has a diuretic and hydrating effect.

    Detox tip : add some zucchini to your soups to give them some bounce.

    Endive : the bitter detox

    Endive is very rich in water and nutrients :

    • potassium boosts renal purification;
    • selenium and vitamins C and B9 have an antioxidant action;
    • the fibers help protect the transit.

    Detox tip : to reduce the bitterness of endive, remove its core and base.

    Spinach : a major source of chlorophyll

    A must in detox smoothies and other green juices, spinach is one of the best sources of chlorophyll, the natural pigment in plants. This one allows to :

    • detoxify the body quickly and effectively ;
    • to nourish and protect the intestinal flora.

    Detox tip : to take advantage of all its benefits, it is recommended to consume it raw in the form of juice, it is an excellent detox drink.

    Fennel : the antioxidant joker

    Like celery or endive, fennel is interesting in the context of a detox treatment because :

    • it is rich in water and potassium, which makes it diuretic and draining ;
    • it is a good source of vitamins C and E which are antioxidants.

    Detox tip : fennel reveals all its benefits in a salad, topped with a drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice.

    Leeks : the star of detox soups

    This vegetable is one of the best intestinal cleansers because of :

    • its high fiber content, which facilitates the elimination of waste ;
    • its potassium and fructose content, which have a diuretic potential.

    Detox tip : think of leek fondues, which are delicious and appetite-suppressing.

    Black radish : the essential detox vegetable

    Black radish is not widely used in French cuisine, but it is a food of choice in detox cures, especially those targeting the liver. Indeed, the black radish has several medicinal virtues :

    • it stimulates the production of bile, a substance essential for the digestion of fats;
    • it facilitates its evacuation with a major draining effect;
    • it allows to clean gently all the digestive system;
    • it accompanies the transit by its richness in fibres.

    Detox tip : black radish is best eaten raw, in a salad like grated carrots.

    Melon : the pleasure of summer

    There's no doubt about it : melon is a vegetable in the same family as zucchini or cucumber. It has an overall detox action because :

    • it is good for the intestines and the transit with its richness in fibers;
    • it stimulates renal elimination thanks to its high potassium and water content;
    • it is also low in calories, refreshing and delicious.

    Detox tip : melon is delicious in sweet and savory versions. In a salad with smoked ham or in a cold soup smoothie, the choice is yours.

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