The unsuspected and natural detox condiments for health

Tao L | 17 August 2022
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The unsuspected and natural detox condiments for health

    What is a condiment ?

    In cooking, condiments, which include herbs, spices and aromatics, have many advantages. Deliciously scented, they enhance the flavor of many dishes and make even the most bland foods taste better. As part of a detoxification of the body, they have many medicinal virtues that are often unsuspected. Here are some examples.

    Garlic : an ally for digestion

    Garlic contains :

    • sulfur compounds that stimulate the proper functioning of the liver ;
    • Allicin and selenium that help eliminate waste;
    • fibers that stimulate digestive function and the health of the intestines.

    Detox tip : if you have trouble digesting it, choose young garlic, which is easier to digest.

    Cinnamon : a global stimulant

    The interest of cinnamon is that it :

    • it boosts all the systems of elimination of waste : digestion, breathing, circulation;
    • it protects the urinary system;
    • it increases the antioxidant power thanks to the production of hepatic glutathione.

    Detox tip : get into the habit of adding a pinch of it to all your savory and sweet dishes.

    Turmeric : the digestive detoxifier

    Turmeric is a precious ally of the liver :

    • it protects the liver and allows its detoxification thanks to its antioxidants (including curcumin and glutathione);
    • it stimulates the production of bile and accelerates the drainage of hepatic waste.

    Detox tip : combine it with a little black pepper and vegetable oil to facilitate the absorption of its curcumin by the body.

    Onion : an action on blood circulation

    The onion has an action on several emunctories :

    • it stimulates the elimination of toxins via the kidneys and its diuretic action;
    • it purifies the blood thanks to its high phosphoric acid content;
    • it guarantees the health of the intestinal flora and the functioning of the intestines thanks to its fibers.

    Detox tip : get into the habit of adding a little onion to all your savory dishes.

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