The spelt cure according to Hildegard of Bingen

Issa D | 21 August 2022
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The spelt cure according to Hildegard of Bingen

    Who is Hildegard of Bingen ?

    Hildegarde de Bingen, a German nun, is today considered the very first naturopath. She developed the principles of a healthy lifestyle to stay healthy. According to her, body and psyche are closely linked. Among her health principles, fasting holds a central place based on vegetables and the Hildegardian food : non-hybrid spelt.

    What is spelt ?

    Spelt is a very old variety of wheat, which was widely consumed in the Middle Ages. Competing with modern wheat, whose yield is much higher, it has gradually been forgotten. However, it is the best cereal for humans because it is very rich in magnesium, vitamins and proteins. Moreover, it is very digestible.

    Spelt, like wheat, is sold in several forms : whole grain, flour, semolina and flakes.

    What is the principle of this cure ?

    This cure is based on the cleaning of the intestines. Hildegarde de Bingen put forward the idea that taking care of one's stomach was essential to prevent all kinds of diseases. To do this, she advised fasting in several ways :

    • one day a week : fasting can be considered preventive because it prevents the accumulation of toxins;
    • three days or more : fasting can be considered in case of chronic diseases (rheumatism, for example).
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