The express detox program after a hangover

Tao L | 04 September 2022
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The express detox program after a hangover

    Why and when should you follow an express detox after a party ?

    Do you have a headache, nausea, a cloudy complexion, or even intestinal problems ? These are the typical signs of a hangover. The objective of this detox program is to help you eliminate the excesses of the evening, in particular excess alcohol. A little greening up is necessary to get back in shape. To be done at any time after a party.

    What are the products to take in an express detox after a party ?

    Many products are beneficial in this program :

    • black radish to stimulate the production and evacuation of bile, and thus to boost the drainage of toxins;
    • carrot, to regulate transit, which is often disturbed the day after a party;
    • lemon, to facilitate digestion, refresh, fight against nausea;
    • banana, to replenish your potassium reserves;
    • ginger, the essential anti-nausea agent;
    • honey, a well-known anti-hangover remedy : it helps to metabolize alcohol more quickly and to raise the level of glucose in the blood;
    • water, in large quantities, to avoid dehydration and stimulate elimination.
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