Sophrology : how to relax efficiently ?

Issa D | 13 February 2022
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Sophrology : how to relax efficiently  ?

    Taking care of your body means becoming aware of the different flows that run through it, but also of the areas of blockage. By progressively releasing your muscular tensions and learning to control your overflowing mental activity. You will educate your brain to enter a different state of consciousness, where the movements are wider and deeper, a state of consciousness at the border between wakefulness and sleep. The objective is to allow you to connect to your unconscious while remaining conscious.

    Relaxing your body by stretching

    Stretching is a natural gesture that allows many tensions. Often, because of the strong link between the body and the mind, muscular tension is linked to mental tension. Muscle relaxation allows the body to rest and regenerate.

    Take a deep breath and take the time to stretch yourself, to see yourself growing. Then, relax, breathe in and out at your own pace, becoming aware of the feelings of relaxation and calmness.

    Repeat this exercise 3 times.

    Evacuate stress by pumping the shoulders

    This exercise sets the body in motion by using the imagination for the sole purpose of freeing the mind.

    Inhale while clenching your fists, raise and lower your shoulders several times at your own pace. Then breathe in strongly through the mouth while releasing the hands. Let the breath return to a natural rhythm, then with a little imagination, you can visualize what weighs you down, what you want to let go of, as if, with the exhalation, you could let go of these weights.

    Repeat this exercise 3 times.

    Relaxing your body by connecting to yourself through your joints

    As an example of the flexibility of trees in the wind, become aware of your ability to adapt and be flexible. Bring your attention to each of your joints, then put them, one by one, in movement. As if for the first time you could experience their mobility. Start with the neck. Pause for a moment to feel the sensations when you stop the movement. Continue with the shoulders first, then the elbows, the wrists, the fingers one by one. Then move all the joints at the same time, in free movements. Become aware of the new sensations, the flexibility, the possibilities of movement of your body. You can continue, always with kindness, with your back, your pelvis, your legs, until your toes.

    The reflex gesture to relax your body

    After the relaxation through movement, it is important to find a reflex gesture to return to this state of well-being.

    To do this, perform a reflex gesture that is easy to reproduce, for example by massaging the back of your neck or by clenching your fists. You will just have to repeat this gesture at any time of the day to instantly find the sensations of well-being that you experience during relaxation. You can repeat this gesture regularly when you are in a state of muscular tension during an exam, an important meeting or when speaking in public. Don't be afraid of your image and the gaze of others, the only thing that matters is you.

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