How to boost your immune system naturally ?

Issa D | 26 June 2022
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How to boost your immune system naturally ?

    The immune system : a complex machine

    The immune system is our body's defense against germs and infections. It is a complex machine that can weaken and that it is important to feed and maintain. Many factors can be responsible for the destabilization of the immune system :

    • fatigue;
    • Stress and anxiety;
    • Insomnia and poor quality sleep;
    • an infection;
    • inflammation or autoimmune disease.

    The products of the hive

    All the products of the hive have an extraordinary composition in nutrients and minerals. This constitution allows to recharge and to feed the machine of the immune system. In order to take full advantage of the medicinal virtues of royal jelly, it is advisable to take one dose per day for one month.

    The products of the hive also allow to fight against the inflammation responsible for a weakening of the immune system.

    The products of the hive are constituted by :

    • honey ;
    • royal jelly
    • propolis ;
    • pollen.

    The vitamin C

    Vitamin C is essential to the functioning of the immune system. Unlike the chemical and industrial form, the natural form found in nature is better assimilated by our body. Naturopatandco can only advise you the vitamin C emanating from the plant Dog Rose, also called Eglantier or Rosa canina.


    Magnesium is an essential nutrient for the functioning of the immune system but also for the metabolism of stress and sleep. A 1-month magnesium cure, renewable once, allows you to be better prepared for a stressful episode. Since magnesium is an integral part of the nervous system, a course of treatment also helps to obtain better quality sleep. It is an indispensable tool for anxious individuals who are unable to disconnect. For some, magnesium helps avoid burn-out or nervous fatigue in all its forms.


    Rhodiola, a plant also known as the Pink Orphan or Rhodila rosea , has antioxidant, fortifying and energizing properties. Thus this plant allows :

    • to support the concentration and the cerebral capacities;
    • to fight against fatigue;
    • to stimulate the immune system;
    • to limit stress and anxiety.
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