How does a naturopathic consultation work ?

Tao L | 19 June 2022
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How does a naturopathic consultation work ?

    The time of the consultation

    The consultation with a naturopath is the cornerstone of the treatment. It allows the establishment of a relationship of trust between the professional and his patient with an exchange based on benevolence and accompaniment. In practice, a naturopathic consultation consists of 3 parts

    • the anamnesis ;
    • the vitality assessment;
    • the vitality hygiene program.

    The anamnesis

    The session begins with a series of questions asked to the patient. This is called the anamnesis, a time of exchange that allows the naturopath to better know the patient with his medical history, his eating habits and his lifestyle.

    These questions allow the naturopath to explore all the systems that make up the body such as the digestive, nervous, renal and urinary, immune, muscular and osteoarticular, hepatic and hormonal systems. This questionnaire makes it possible to find the primary cause of the health problems that motivated the consultation or to correct imbalances before the onset of an illness.

    The vitality assessment

    Thanks to the answers of the anamnesis, the naturopath can determine the constitution of the patient. To do this, he observes the face, the hands, the eyes and the tongue in search of imbalances, overloads and potential deficiencies. The practitioner establishes a general assessment of vitality by combining several examinations :

    • observation of the tongue, which is an essential examination because this part of the body reflects the general state of health and indicates precisely the dysfunctions of the body according to the area affected on the tongue;
    • Iridology, which studies the iris of the eyes and allows for the refinement of the anamnesis examination on the observation of the different systems of the body. This clinical indicator can confirm an imbalance or deficiency in the metabolism;
    • Taking the pulse on the wrist artery (radial artery), which allows us to feel the heartbeat and the health of the blood circulation. This assessment allows us to measure the location, level and circulation of energy in the body. Depending on the positioning of the practitioner's fingers, it is possible to listen to the energy flowing in a specific organ.

    The vital hygiene program

    Following the anamnesis and the vitality assessment, the primary cause of the health problems is identified. It is now time to correct the imbalances through the vital hygiene program. This program is personalized to the patient and is composed of :

    • dietary measures ;
    • Stress management advice;
    • a physical activity program.

    The Vital Hygiene program allows the correction of bad hygiene habits that are harmful to health. Changing these habits is a long-term task because the risk of relapse is high. This is why naturopathic consultations are spaced out over several weeks. Generally, consultations take place every 6 weeks.

    How long does a naturopathic consultation last ?

    The initial session usually lasts 60 to 90 minutes and subsequent sessions last approximately 60 minutes.

    How much does a naturopathic consultation cost ?

    The average cost of a naturopathic consultation is 60 to 90 euros per session in Europe and 80 to 120 dollars in North America.

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