Hives : how to calm the crisis naturally ?

Issa D | 07 March 2022
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Hives :  how to calm the crisis naturally ?

    What is hives and what are the symptoms ?

    Hives are a skin reaction that looks suspiciously like a nettle sting. The lesions that form a slight swelling of the skin are called "papules" :

    • are pink or red in color ;
    • appear in different places each time;
    • disappear fairly quickly and without scarring;
    • are very itchy.

    What are the causes ?

    Hives are a very strong allergic reaction of the skin that is favored by different factors :

    • certain types of medication
    • certain foods;
    • plants, animals, insects, etc.

    What is the difference with contact eczema ?

    Contact eczema is also an allergic reaction of the skin. It follows direct contact between the skin and an allergenic factor. Contact eczema forms vesicles, pockets of water that sweat when you scratch. The vesicles eventually disappear, forming scabs.

    How long does it last ?

    The hives last for a few dozen minutes, but never more than a few hours. If the skin reaction lasts more than 3 days or if it is the first attack of hives, medical advice is essential.

    Is hives contagious ?

    No. Hives are a result of a poor immune system response. It is not a contagious disease.

    What is the danger ?

    The main danger of hives is the disproportionate response of the immune system. This response, called the "allergic response," can cause various symptoms :

    • a generalized rash ;
    • an attack on the face, neck, tongue;
    • difficulty swallowing or breathing.

    If any of these symptoms are present, it is vital to contact emergency medical services as soon as possible.

    What medications cause it ?

    Some medications are scientifically recognized as allergenic factors for hives. These include :

    • Antibiotics;
    • Aspirin;
    • anti-inflammatory drugs.

    Even if you are suffering from a hives attack, you should not stop your medical treatment without your doctor's approval.

    What foods cause hives ?

    Some foods promote the onset of hives. These include :

    • cold cuts;
    • tomatoes
    • Strawberries;
    • Chocolate;
    • alcohol ;
    • coffee;
    • seafood;
    • cheese.

    How to treat urticaria with aromatherapy ?

    Aromatherapy is interesting to facilitate the disappearance and repair of skin lesions of urticaria, we find :

    • the essential oil of lemon Eucalyptus which also makes it possible to disinfect slightly the lesions and to avoid the installation of an infection;
    • the essential oil of Tea-tree which soothes and repairs the skin cells.

    To go further, see our article : "How to use essential oils ? ".

    How to treat urticaria with phytotherapy ?

    To soothe the itching caused by hives, it is useful to apply directly to the lesions :

    • Evening primrose oil;
    • Borage oil.

    To go further, see our article : "Phytotherapy : how to use medicinal plants ?".

    How to treat urticaria with homeopathy ?

    HOMEOPLASMINE ointment is the homeopathic treatment of choice to treat hives. Applying it 3 times a day soothes skin irritations.

    Health advice

    • The skin is the gateway to allergens and infections. It is important to respect and protect it;
    • to avoid skin contact with an allergen, it is advisable to use hygiene and beauty products that have a refined composition and without perfume or preservatives. To help you in your choice, use the applications dedicated to this use;
    • It is recommended to test a new hygiene or beauty product on a small part of the body to check that there is no allergic reaction;
    • during manual activities (DIY, gardening, mechanics, etc.) hands should be protected with gloves;
    • Avoidance of foodstuffs responsible for stinging is relevant.
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