Detox cure : the fruit and vegetable monodiet

Issa D | 17 July 2022
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Detox cure :  the fruit and vegetable monodiet

    The principle of the single food

    As the ancestor of detox cures, the single-food diet may seem difficult to follow. Its effectiveness quickly makes you forget the frustration of eating only one food.

    The principle of the monodiet is to eat a single food.

    This food must be carefully chosen from the list of 27 fruits and vegetables with redox power. This fruit or vegetable will also be chosen according to the season or the emunctory that we want to treat.

    The monodiet has a double interest :

    • to take advantage of the detox benefits of the chosen food;
    • to put the digestive system at rest by providing it with only one food to assimilate, which allows it to devote less energy to digestion and concentrate on elimination.

    The different programs of the monodiet

    In a monodiet, the principle is to eat as much as you want of the chosen fruit or vegetable. Follow your appetite, there are no restrictions.

    The monodiet can be followed in several ways :

    • On 1 meal a day, for a week. For example, replace dinner with a meal of grapes only, for 7 days. This option is ideal for beginners;
    • On 1 day, at every meal. For example, you eat grapes morning, noon and night all day long;
    • Over 3 days, at every meal. We go to the next level because we keep this unique diet for 3 days, reserved for the most motivated. This is the most effective formula.

    The monodiet program can be followed two or three times a year, especially at the time of seasonal changes.

    What precautions should be taken with the single diet ?

    A mono-diet, even for one day, can be tiring if it is not well prepared. Here are some basic tips to follow :

    • to avoid the transition from your usual diet to the mono-diet too abruptly, bet on a soft transition. To do this, during the week preceding your cure, eat more vegetables and fresh fruit, reduce your consumption of sugars, fats, coffee;
    • at the end of the monodiet : continue to eat vegetables, gradually reintegrate sugary and fatty products;
    • the monodiet can cause some undesirable effects : headaches, nausea, aches and pains, pimples. This is a sign that your body is eliminating. Always remember to keep yourself well hydrated to facilitate this elimination and limit the undesirable effects. Favour herbal teas;
    • The monodiet is reserved for adults in good health, excluding pregnant women. It is not suitable for children, pregnant women, people who are ill or who suffer from a metabolic disorder such as diabetes.

    A monodiet in accordance with the seasons

    Several criteria are involved in the choice of the monodiet. In theory you can choose your fruit or vegetable freely. The season is an essential criterion to follow.

    • The carrot mono-diet (spring)

    This diet is surely one of the easiest to follow. Carrots have a very mild taste that everyone likes, and they can be prepared in a thousand and one ways : in juice, in sticks to be crunched, grated with a little lemon juice, steamed, pureed.

    Use it to regulate your transit or to have a more beautiful skin.

    • The strawberry monodiet (summer)

    Here is a monodiet that should not be too difficult to follow if you like strawberries. Of course, you can eat them plain to maintain the detox effect.

    Very useful in case of chronic constipation but also rheumatism, gout, urinary or gallstones.

    • The grape monodiet (autumn)

    This is surely the most famous monodiet. It allows for a deep cleansing of the body and restores the acid-base balance, which is precious for the proper functioning of the body's natural detoxification systems. The uvale cure lasts a minimum of three weeks with no maximum duration.

    It should be used in cases of fatigue, skin problems, sleep or transit disorders, and in all situations related to excessive acidity in the body.

    • Apple cure (all year round)

    Like the carrot cure, the apple cure is easy and practical to follow. Apples are full of nutrients and, thanks to their high fiber content, they have an appetite-suppressant effect. In addition, this fruit can be eaten in many ways, which allows you to vary the pleasures of eating apples : chewed, in juice, grated, in cooked or raw compote. You can also alternate the varieties of apples, from the most to the least sweet. The apple cure has the advantage of being able to be followed at any time of the year.

    It can be used to relieve digestive problems such as chronic constipation, rheumatic pains or to regain a clear and toned skin.

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