Detox cure : natural health with juices and soups

Issa D | 24 July 2022
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Detox cure :  natural health with juices and soups

    To put your body at rest

    Detox juices and soups are a practical and simple solution to fill up on good detox nutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants) while putting your body to rest.

    The soup cure

    Soups allow you to take advantage of the many nutrients of well-chosen vegetables while promoting good hydration.

    It is also a good way to :

    • putting your digestive system at rest since only liquid foods are consumed;
    • devote more energy to the self-cleaning of your body;
    • to promote elimination and drainage.

    Finally, soup cures have slimming virtues and allow us to warm up during the cold winter.

    There are several ways to follow a soup cure :

    • you can integrate soup into your daily diet, by eating a bowl with each meal;
    • you can do an exclusive soup cure, eating only soup for a maximum of three meals.

    The juice cure

    Even more than soup cures, juice cures are a social phenomenon for rapid weight loss or deep detoxification. Like soup cures, juice cures and smoothies can be followed in several ways. You can integrate fresh juices into your meals, taking care to rebalance your diet, or use them to replace one or two meals during the day. You can also opt for an exclusive juice treatment, which consists of eating only juice for a given period of time (usually a few days).

    Juice or smoothie ?

    During your juice treatment, you can occasionally opt for smoothies. The difference is that smoothies are prepared with blended fruits and vegetables. They are therefore more consistent because they are richer in fiber. There is also the trend of green smoothies which combine about 60% fruit and 40% raw green vegetables rich in chlorophyll (salad, spinach, cabbage, fresh herbs...).

    The famous Breuss cure

    It is impossible to talk about juice cures without mentioning the Breuss cure, one of the most famous and developed by an Austrian naturopath, Rudolph Breuss. It is a method to restore all metabolic functions by allowing a great internal cleaning. It is based on the exclusive consumption of a mixture of fresh vegetable juice for 42 days consisting of :

    • 300 grams of red beets ;
    • 100 grams of carrots
    • 100 grams of celery;
    • 30 grams of black radish;
    • 1 potato.

    If the cure seems too restrictive, it is possible to consume two foods in addition to the juice :

    • cooked and mixed oatmeal;
    • a light onion soup with some pasta.

    What are the differences between the soup cure and the juice cure ?

    The main differences are that :

    • the fruits and vegetables in the juice remain raw : the vitamins are not destroyed by the heat of cooking;
    • the juice, composed in part by fruits, allows to satisfy sweet cravings;
    • fruit and vegetable juice contains less fiber than soup : the body is more easily put to rest by the reduction of digestion work.
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