Birch sap : what are the health benefits ?

Issa D | 22 May 2022
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Birch sap :  what are the health benefits ?

    What is birch sap ?

    Birch sap, also called "Birch juice" or "Birch water" is the substrate that allows the tree to feed itself and protect itself from diseases. This sap is rich in minerals, trace elements and vitamins of the B group. Thus the composition of this spring elixir allows beneficial effects on our health.

    How to collect the sap from a Birch tree ?

    Generally, the sap of Birch is present in sufficient quantity between winter and spring. This is the time when the composition of the sap becomes interesting for its medicinal virtues.

    To collect it safely and without damaging the tree, nothing could be easier :

    • to pierce the bark with a maximum depth of 5 centimeters (no interest to pierce further);
    • then, to make penetrate a straw in the hole drilled in the trunk;
    • Finally, collect the sap, drop by drop, in a bottle that must be tied to the tree to prevent it from falling under the weight of the sap.

    How to consume the collected sap ?

    It is strongly recommended to consume the collected sap within 10 days and to keep it in the refrigerator. Connoisseurs like to mix a few drops of lemon juice in the sap before eating it, preferably cold.

    With time, the sap will ferment and become cloudy to form a precipitate. The fermentation makes its consumption less pleasant in terms of taste and smell. Contrary to some rumors, the composition of Birch sap does not improve with fermentation. There is therefore no interest in consuming it under these conditions!

    Consumption is based on detoxification and stimulation of the body. In order to purify the human body and to restore the vitality of the organism, it is essential to carry out a 3 weeks cure by drinking 25 centiliters of sap, every morning, on an empty stomach. The cure can be renewed after having respected a 10 days break. This gives the body time to function normally again.

    What are the benefits of Birch sap ?

    Birch sap has 2 major medicinal virtues :

    • it detoxifies by draining many organs : skin, hair, kidneys, liver, digestive system, lungs, ... It thus makes it possible to eliminate effectively the toxins which were accumulated throughout the year. The sap has an action on the brittle, dull and damaged hair and on the atopic, sensitive, acneic skin or with an excess of cellulite. This exceptional medicinal virtue makes it an essential ingredient of detox cures;
    • it stimulates the organism and remineralizes the body : joints, muscles, chronic fatigue, ... This virtue is very useful for the elderly, athletes and convalescents.

    What are the precautions of use before consuming it ?

    There are no formal contraindications or notable adverse effects following the consumption of Birch sap.

    By precaution, in consideration of the risk of microbial contamination of the sap and of a strong draining action on the organs, it is disadvised to consume it in :

    • the pregnant woman;
    • the nursing woman;
    • the severe hepatic insufficiency;
    • the severe renal insufficiency;
    • the newborn and the child of less than 15 years.
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