ATROPA BELLADONNA : description, properties and indications

Issa D | 13 April 2022
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ATROPA BELLADONNA :  description, properties and indications

    What are the other names of ATROPA BELLADONNA ?

    It is also known as BELLADONE, furious nightshade, poison ivy, black button, coast jelly, beautiful lady and devil's cherry.

    What part of the plant is used in homeopathy ?

    The whole plant is used when it is in flower.

    How to recognize this plant ?

    From the Solanaceae family, Belladonna is a perennial plant which can reach 2 meters in height, with a rhizome, stems with hairs and beautiful leaves which are not cut. The flowers can be purple or yellow. The fruit is a purple or black berry that glows and is poisonous.

    Where does this plant grow ?

    Belladonna is found in cool woods, damp places and in mountainous regions up to 1600 meters high.

    What are the main therapeutic properties ?

    Atropa belladonna is the leading homeopathic medicine for treating :

    • inflammation (heat, pain, redness) ;
    • acute pain.

    What are the main indications of ATROPA BELLADONNA ?

    This homeopathic medicine is used in :

    High fevers;

    Burns of the skin and mucous membranes;

    inflammations with the presence of redness, heat and pain;

    hot flashes and menopause;

    Gout attack;

    cystitis and urinary pain;



    angina and dry coughs.

    Modalities of use of the BELLADONNE

    The granules in 9 CH, 5 granules 2 to 4 times a day make it possible to treat the whole of the indications presented above.

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