Aromatherapy : top 10 essential oils

Tao L | 27 March 2022
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Aromatherapy :  top 10 essential oils

    What is an essential oil ?

    There are a considerable number of essential oils with their own therapeutic properties, medicinal virtues and effectiveness. Thanks to their rich and varied composition, certain essential oils are essential for their action against inflammations, against pain, against spasms, soothing or toning. These exceptional essential oils will act on the nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, urogenital, skin, hormonal or articular systems. This unique richness is present in the following top 10 essential oils.

    Roman Chamomile

    The essential oil of Roman Chamomile(Chamaemelum nobile) is very useful to soothe stomach pain caused by stomach cramps, intense or chronic stress, bloating or pain related to menstruation.


    Lemon(Citrus limonum) essential oil is used to disinfect and kill germs in the air. The diffusion of this oil is compatible with a diffuser.

    Eucalyptus radiata

    The essential oil of Eucalyptus radiata( Eucalyptus radiata) is essential to fight infections of the respiratory tract such as otitis, rhinopharyngitis, sinusitis or flu.

    Gaultheria couchée

    The essential oil of Wintergreen(Gaultheria procumbes) is the Swiss Army knife of the management of pain and inflammation. It is effective in fighting muscle aches, joint pain and headaches.

    Lavender aspic

    The essential oil of Lavender aspic(Lavandula latifolia or Lavandula spica) is the reference for relieving insect bites and itchy spots. From 3 years old, it can be used on chicken pox pimples to relieve the child and avoid scars due to scratching.

    Lavender officinalis

    The essential oil of Lavender(Lavandula officinalis) has a smell that perfectly illustrates the protection of a mother for her child. This soothing scent helps to relieve stress or emotional shock.


    Peppermint(Mentha x piperita) essential oil is used to soothe nausea, vomiting and headaches.


    The essential oil of Ravintsara(Cinnamomum camphora CT cineole) is recommended to treat all viral infections such as influenza, herpes, pharyngitis, laryngitis or chickenpox.

    Clary sage

    The essential oil of Clary Sage(Salvia sclarea) is the perfect oil to treat female intimate problems. It helps relieve painful periods, but also the unpleasant symptoms of menopause (excessive sweating, hot flashes and mood disorders).

    Tea tree

    The essential oil of Tea tree(Melaleuca alternifolia) is one of the most versatile and effective essential oils in aromatherapy. It can treat viral infections, relieve burns, disinfect and fight against superficial infections of the skin and mucous membranes, kill parasites (lice, scabies, ...) or wash the mouth while whitening teeth.

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