Aloe vera : its virtues and health benefits

Tao L | 03 July 2022
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Aloe vera :  its virtues and health benefits

    What is Aloe vera ?

    Aloe vera(Aloe vera barbadensis Miller) is a plant of the Liliaceae family that is very undemanding and grows mainly in the desert. Thanks to the power of the sun alone, it can produce a multitude of micronutrients in its gel (its sap) that have extraordinary medicinal properties.

    Aloe vera is a cosmopolitan plant that has been used since ancient Egypt, nearly 6000 years ago. Cleopatra and Nefertiti appreciated the effect of Aloe vera juice for eye and skin care.

    Why use Aloe vera ?

    Aloe vera is a source of life, it is therefore of interest to use it to take advantage of its rich composition in enzymes, amino acids, sugars, vitamins and minerals.s, sugars, vitamins of the A, B, C and E group, minerals, trace elements (and in particular magnesium, zinc and selenium) fully of its virtues for our health.

    Moreover, this plant does not present undesirable effects or drug interactions. It can be used on all occasions, without limitation of age, duration or quantity used.

    The plant of the immune system

    With its composition in sugars and flavonoids, Aloe vera helps to strengthen the immune system of our body by :

    • an antioxidant action ;
    • an anti-inflammatory action;
    • an action of stimulation of the immune system.

    Drinking pure Aloe vera gel helps to replenish the body's energy reserves.

    The detox cure with Aloe vera

    Aloe vera is the best support to purify the body during a detox cure. During this detoxification period of 7 to 14 days maximum per year, Aloe vera gel must have its place. Contrary to the classic detox cure which tires the body, a daily intake of 300 to 400 mL of Aloe vera gel allows to guarantee the normal functioning of our organism and to regain a restful sleep. Aloe vera gel is to be drunk slowly in 2 to 3 times a day.

    The plant of the digestive system

    Aloe vera has the virtue of accompanying the digestive system to make it easier. For this, its medicinal virtue lies in its laxative property which helps to fight constipation and difficult digestion.

    The beauty plant

    Aloe vera allows you to take care of your skin and your health thanks to its properties :

    • moisturizing ;
    • soothing ;
    • healing.

    Aloe vera exists in different forms :

    • salty scrub for the skin ;
    • body oil for the skin
    • facial mask for the face;
    • thick cream for superficial wounds (cuts, burns, bruises);
    • lip stick to moisturize and heal the fragile skin of the lips.

    Aloe vera : the essential plant for athletes

    The Aloe vera gel allows to answer to the stressful situations which ask the body a big performance. For that it makes it possible to bring :

    • a vital energy with the organization;
    • a capacity of fast regeneration of the muscular and skeletal fabrics;
    • an effective healing of light wounds.

    The plant to take care of our children

    Aloe Vera allows to relieve quickly and effectively the wounds of your children. Not its action on cuts, abrasions, bruises or burns, this plant is an indispensable ally in everyday life. It improves and accelerates healing and relieves pain with a refreshing action.

    Aloe Vera also provides an interesting dietary intake of micronutrients, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids.

    The plant for animals

    As with children, the dietary intake of Aloe Vera is interesting for our animal friends.

    The very nourishing composition of the Aloe vera gel allows to take care of the skin, the ears, the pads, the eyes and the coat with :

    • the liquid soap and hair shampoo form which are very effective in repairing dry and damaged hair;
    • the pure gel form which is to be reserved for the wounds and the cuts;
    • the cream form which is to be used to nourish the skin and prepare it for the cold of winter or to protect the pads which are the very sensitive contact zones.
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